Titelbild für Infoseite “duales Studium Agrarmanagement”: Lachende Studentin
Dual Studies
Titelbild für Infoseite “duales Studium Agrarmanagement”: Lachende Studentin

Bachelor Duales Studium Agrarmanagement

Gestalte die Landwirtschaft von Morgen mit: Starte Dein duales Studium Agrarmanagement.

Your dual study programme Agrarmanagement (B.Sc.)*

Would you like to study Agricultural Management as a dual degree programme? Then start your career at IU International University in the agricultural sector. You have a wide range of perspectives: our degree programme combines the fields of business administration, technology, engineering and agriculture. During your studies, you will learn the technical basics of agriculture, deepen your economic knowledge and develop a systemic way of thinking. With this knowledge, you can manage and further develop production processes or plants. 
What else to expect in the Agricultural Management dual degree programme? 

  • organise your learning routine flexibly because you have access to your learning materials at all times

  • deepen your knowledge twice a week in small groups with your fellow students and lecturers

  • apply what you have learned directly: in practical projects and while working with your practice partner

* Subject to state approval. We expect approval from the Ministry no later than the start of the program. To date, all IU International University programs have been successfully accredited and approved on time.

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Virtueller Campus

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For this degree programme it is possible to start 4 times a year. Start: 01.07.2023 01.10.2023 01.01.2024 01.04.2024 01.07.2024 01.10.2024 You can apply up to 1 month before the start of your studies. Duration: 7 semesters


Degree: B.Sc. Under accreditation and subject to state recognition. IU International University is state recognized and system accredited by FIBAA.

Subject to state recognition: Virtueller Campus

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What awaits you in the dual study programme Agrarmanagement

Our dual degree programme in Agricultural Management prepares you for complex management challenges in the agricultural sector - both in theory and in practice:

  • You will gain comprehensive insights into the field of business administration.

  • You will acquire fundamental scientific knowledge and then further advanced knowledge of agriculture.

  • You will study topics on specialised management strategies, e.g. how to operate an agricultural plant.

  • You will complete practical projects in 6 out of 7 semesters, during which you will work on real-life problems in your practice company.

Exemplary curriculum: The order of the modules can vary depending on the commencement of the programme.

This is what your dual study programme Agrarmanagement has to offer

In the dual study program Agricultural Management you will deal with agricultural processes, analyze data and help shape the agriculture of the future. In the video you will learn how you will be prepared for this:

  • You combine theory at IU with practice on a farm.

  • In addition to the technical basics of agriculture, you will acquire knowledge in the areas of business administration, technology and management.

  • From the 6th semester onwards, you will specialize in two of six specialization options for your dream job.

  • The degree program qualifies you, for example, for work in farm management, in product management in agricultural trade and as a consultant with an advisory function for agricultural businesses.

At the end of your studies, you will have a state-recognized Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and 3.5 years of professional experience.

Frequently asked questions on the dual study programme Agrarmanagement

We have compiled the most important questions and answers for you here. If you still have questions, our student counselling office will be happy to help you. 

Dual study programme Agrarmanagement: Your career prospects

Agriculture is facing great challenges: In this dual degree programme, you will learn to optimise agricultural systems and manage them on an ecological, economic and social level. If you study Agricultural Management, you can expect a wide range of perspectives after graduation, for example: 




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Dual Studies

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