Get connected, get support! SET OF VALUES ALUMNI COUNCIL

Our set of values is made up of the following five central elements: 


The basis of our self-image as an alumni community is a tolerant and respectful interaction with each other. Through openness, we aim to cultivate the diversity of interest groups within IU International University. Everyone is welcome to contribute personal views. After all, it is precisely the different opinions, the personal and cultural backgrounds, the various disciplines and the individual career paths of the individuals that make the exchange in a network so appealing. 


A network can only exist by being nurtured. Through the input and participation of individual members and communication with each other, we manage to create an alumni community that provides a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. 

Fun and Sociability

Above all, the focus is on: fun networking! Starting joint activities in an informal way and with joy and humour is the easiest way to get into conversation with each other and to exchange ideas. 


As part of the alumni community, we would particularly like to maintain contact with the University and the lecturers of course. Our goal is to offer further education and exchange for current and former IU University students. The interdisciplinary nature of our degree programmes offers a lot of potential to think outside the box. Through the communication channels of the individual members from the different disciplines, we encourage professional exchange (e.g. Expert: innentalks with personalities from business, science and culture). 

Community and Belonging

An alumni community thrives on its members keeping in touch over the long term. That's why our motto is: Get in contact, stay connected and create traditions! We are pleased when regularly held events groups of regulars or undertakings are founded among the alumni. Regular contact makes it easy to create opportunities for each other. And when many talents come together, something great can emerge - (T)he network of possibilities and opportunities! 


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