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Master's degree
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With your Master’s degree in Coaching and Supervision, you will become a professional coach for experts and executives. 

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Are you aiming for a career as a coach or organisational consultant? With your Master's degree in Coaching (120 CP), you’ll be a big step closer to becoming self-employed. Certified by the European Association for Supervision and Coaching, you’ll be able to start as a self-employed EASC coach immediately after your Master's degree. You will also be able to use your newly acquired qualifications directly in a company to provide targeted support to specialists and executives, both professionally and personally. 


With your Master’s degree in Coaching and Supervision, you will be in demand as an internal and external coach, which is ideal for all those who would like to become self-employed. After completing your degree, you will be able to work as ...  

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Self-employed and employed work as a coach

As a coach, you work independently or as an employee for freelancers, self-employed people or managers in organisations of all sizes and in all branches of the profit and non-profit sector. You support people in very different areas of their lives, such as in goal-setting, decision-making and change processes, in the development of potential and skills, in career planning and generally in coping with difficult situations and tasks. A conscious self-transformation and self-development of your clients is the goal in which you guide and support them. In this way, your clients will be able to adequately meet the challenges of today's work routine and remain flexible. The coach also uses virtual media and agile coaching.

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Manager and specialist with coaching responsibilities

Choose how you want to study Coaching (120 CP) at IU

Do you want to be independent, determine your own life and remain flexible at all times? Then you should also be able to enjoy maximum freedom during your Master's degree. No matter how you organise your everyday life, your distance learning programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences is entirely geared to you and your personal needs. Not only will you have access to an innovative mix of online campus, digital learning formats and virtual live formats, you will also be able to choose from various time models - for self-determined learning whenever, wherever and however you want. 

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study Coaching (120 CP) 

Your Bachelor's degree is only the beginning if you want to make a career as a manager later on. For many companies, a solid foundation of specialised knowledge is only sufficient for certain professions. A highly qualified and internationally recognised Master's degree is particularly worthwhile for you if you want to take on responsible tasks at a higher management level later on or even sit in the executive chair. However, the additional effort required for a Master's degree is not only worthwhile in terms of your career prospects. You can also specialise, deepen your knowledge and gain valuable experience and contacts abroad. Your future employers will reward all of this with praise in the application process, managerial positions and a starting salary that is up to 20 percent higher.    

This is what your Master’s degree in Coaching (120 CP) at IU looks like  

The contents of your Master's degree in Coaching (120 CP) at IU International University of Applied Sciences are specifically oriented towards the current requirements in coaching practice. The aim is to prepare you both practically and theoretically for your future professional life so that you can develop or support individuals, groups or teams under your professional guidance. In order to be able to reflect on and clarify the most important questions and topics and to derive new possibilities for action, you will not only be taught basic learning and development theories. Personality psychology and topics such as research methodology, methods in the coaching process and goal-oriented interviewing are also part of your curriculum. You will also learn how conflicts within teams can be solved, how people behave in organisational contexts and what is important in the professional interaction between coach and client. At the same time, you will strengthen your own reflective ability and be able to acquire special knowledge in systemic coaching. 

A look into the future: What you will be able to do after graduating 

With your Master’s degree in Coaching (120 CP), you will be more than in demand as an internal and external coach. After successfully completing your Master's degree, you’ll be able to choose to become self-employed or work as a consultant for freelancers, self-employed professionals or specialists and executives in organisations of all sizes. Your task will be to accompany a wide variety of people from the most diverse areas in important goal-setting, decision-making and change processes. You will also support individuals, groups or entire teams in developing their potential and skills, in career planning or generally in coping with difficult tasks and crises. The ultimate goal: the conscious self-transformation and self-development of your clients, so that they can meet the challenges of today's everyday working life adequately and flexibly at any time.  

The most important questions about studying Coaching (120 CP)

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