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Everything you need to know about your financing

There are several costs associated with full-time studies, but you can finance them in a number of ways. In addition to the option of earning money as a working student or part-time job, you can apply for BAföG to finance your studies, take a loan from the KfW Förderbank that is tailor-made for students, or apply for a scholarship. We will be happy to help you with finding the ideal financing solution.

Overview of financing options


  • Government subsidy
  • Maximum amount of 861€ 
  • No interest rate
  • 50% if repaid on time
  • Maximum repayment amount of 10,000€ 

KFW Student Loan

  • Student loan
  • 100€ - 650€ per month
  • 0% p.a. Interest (until 30.09.2022)
  • Full repayment including annual interest
  • Maximum repayment amount of 54,600€ 

Childcare Allowance

  • Entitled to receive during first education up to the age of 25
  • Studies can count as the first education
  • 190€ - 221€ per month
  • Parents apply for childcare allowance

Brain Capital

  • Education fund
  • 100€ - 600€ per month
  • Repayment depending on income


  • Monthly financial support
  • Does not have to be repaid
  •  Amount differs depending on the type of scholarship
  • Sponsors are foundations, institutions and universities

Your study financing options

Here you will find all the information about the financing concepts to find exactly the right one for you.

Your Financing options in brief.

In this video, Mona explains which financing options are available to you for your studies and how you can find the right financing for you.

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