Fighting discrimination: How artificial intelligence makes job applications fairer

Bachelor thesis on AI-supported recruiting wins the IU International University of Applied Sciences

Erfurt, July 30, 2021 - IU International University of Applied Sciences once again presents the Diversity Award, recognising the best final thesis in the research area of diversity. The winner of the award, Akuvi Melanie Edzave, focused her bachelor thesis on the question of how artificial intelligence can support HR professionals in making the selection process fairer. This can serve to eliminate factors such as unconscious bias when sifting through candidates. The Diversity Award carries a prize of 500 euros.

Focus on the research field of diversity

 Nicola Schmidt-Geheb, Equality and Diversity Officer at IU International University of Applied Sciences, is part of the jury and says: "We found the approach of using artificial intelligence in the selection process to reduce discrimination and injustice particularly exciting."

The award aims to help raise public awareness of the diversity research field and has been granted twice a year since 2018.

Akuvi Melanie Edzave is 48 years old, and has studied business administration in the English online studies Bachelor's degree programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences. In her Bachelor's thesis, Edzave focuses on the importance and significance of a diverse workplace in companies. The thesis highlights the issue of bias in recruitment and explores whether the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a solution to reduce bias when screening candidates.


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