Erfurt, 15 April 2020 – Special times require special measures: In times of Corona, the IUBH International University of Applied Sciences is now the first German university to offer students a free online orientation study programme – even if you have not yet obtained your university entrance qualification. This way, you can already get a taste of your desired degree programme online. Especially in these uncertain times, orientation is a valuable commodity. Many students are facing completely new challenges due to closed schools and postponed Abitur exams. In order to support you as much as possible, the IUBH offers the first online orientation study programme in Germany to all upper secondary school students, even if you do not yet have your university entrance qualification in your pocket. This way, you can already have a look at many study programmes flexibly, safely and free of charge - and also already perform for a later study programme. So nothing stands in the way of your dream degree – despite Corona.

Which degree programme matches your skills and interests?

"For students, the most important criterion when choosing a degree programme is that it matches their skills and interests – especially because it is becoming increasingly unclear on an ever more dynamic labour market which jobs will be in demand in ten years' time," knows Jan Wurdak, project manager and former study advisor at the IUBH. "However, almost all students find it difficult to assess which fields of study actually match their inclinations." Because with almost 9,000 Bachelor's degree programmes that can be studied at universities or UASs, dual, full-time or online, many high school graduates cannot see the wood for the trees. This lack of orientation leads around 50% of A-level students to take a gap year between school and university.

Use your gap year wisely

With the online orientation study programme, IUBH offers you the opportunity to make good use of your gap year and to gain concrete experience in your desired study programme during your voluntary service or while you are waiting for your studies because of the Corona crisis, but at the same time to take a module from another subject area. You can choose from courses in the fields of Health & Social Services, Design & Media, Marketing & Communication, Human Resources & Law, IT & Technology, Psychology & Education and Business & Management. If you pass exams in a chosen course, you can have up to 30 ECTS credited to a later degree programme and thus enter a higher semester straight away.

"All in all, this offer makes an important contribution to helping young people make one of the most important decisions in their lives," Prof Dr Peter Thuy, Rector of IUBH, is convinced. "Especially in these challenging times, we offer undecided school leavers and students who still have their university entrance qualification ahead of them an important contribution to orientation. This way, they can better find their desired study programme – and we can reduce frustration and dropouts."

You can find all information about the IUBH Orientation Study here.

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