Erfurt, 09.02.2021 – The IUBH International University of Applied Sciences, with over 40,000 students, one of the largest universities in Germany, has developed two major courses for Bachelor's distance learning programmes together with Salesforce, the leading provider of CRM solutions. Students from different disciplines can now take the elective modules "Salesforce Platform Management" and "Salesforce Platform Development" and become Salesforce specialists during their studies. By participating, students gain the practical knowledge necessary to proactively shape the digital transformation in companies. The learning content is offered on Salesforce's own learning platform Trailhead. This allows students to complete the exercises in a Salesforce application and receive immediate feedback to enhance their learning. In addition to IU's renowned live tutorials, this partnership also allows students to participate in Salesforce webcasts and actively engage with the Salesforce community.

"Salesforce is a great partner whose software solutions are used all over the world. Through this cooperation, the know-how for digital transformation in organisations is imparted to the students in a practical manner," explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Bolz, Professor of E-commerce and Online Marketing. "That's why we're delighted to be working with the global leader in CRM."

Salesforce also looks forward to our future-oriented project: "The cooperation with the IUBH allows us to have a high-level exchange with current and future users. We enable students to learn in a practical way with very good career prospects directly after graduation. We see a great need for well-trained professionals among our customers and partners and are pleased to contribute to digitalisation together with the IUBH," says Roland Mildes, Senior Director Trailhead Academy at Salesforce in EMEA.

"Salesforce offers a platform that provides dynamically customisable solutions for sales, service and marketing. In addition, individual applications can also be created for other areas. With the two new elective modules "Salesforce Platform Management" and "Salesforce Platform Development," we enable our students to efficiently and flexibly design business processes in practice with little effort," explains Prof. Dr. Maik Günther, Professor of Business Informatics at the IUBH.

Cooperation with IT specialist Salesforce offers students new career options

The knowledge that students gain also opens up new career opportunities - both with Salesforce itself and with the large number of companies that use Salesforce, as well as within the Salesforce Partner ecosystem. In the entire Salesforce environment, several tens of thousands of new jobs will be created in Germany alone by the end of 2024.

Two Salesforce modules impart practical knowledge for a smart career start

The modules "Salesforce Platform Management" and "Salesforce Platform Development" each consist of two courses. Students who choose one of the two modules will become technical experts in Salesforce. Thanks to this future-proof know-how, they increase their attractiveness in the labour market. In addition, students can take an official Salesforce certification at their own request for each course taken.

·      Salesforce Platform Management - Hands-on Salesforce Know-How

In the " Salesforce Platform Management" module, students learn to manage the Salesforce platform. The learning content focuses on the features and functionality needed to support a Salesforce implementation. It focuses on general knowledge building and configuration options. In addition, the content enables students to manage a Salesforce organisation, run Salesforce independently, and optimise business processes. Students may complete the elective module within the degree programmes in Business Administration, Marketing, Online Marketing, and E-Commerce.

·      Salesforce Platform Development - Developing your own applications

The second module, "Salesforce Platform Development," focuses on developing your own applications in Salesforce and process automation. As a compulsory elective module, it is initially available for the degree programmes in computer science, business informatics, and media informatics.

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