Press statement: More opportunities through education

The new German government is right to focus on education for more growth, says the Chancellor of IU

Erfurt, 7 December 2021. The signing of the coalition agreement and the election of Olaf Scholz as Chancellor marks the beginning of the new government's term of office this week. In the agreement of SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and FDP entitled "Mehr Fortschritt wagen" (Dare to make more progress), the word "education" appears 178 times. Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttig, Chancellor of IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), says what the start of the new federal government means for education beyond the school career:

"The coalition agreement of the new federal government is a promise for more growth through education. 'Aufstiegs-Bafög' and 'Lebenschancen-Bafög' are intended to promote what education can do: Giving people the opportunity to develop throughout their lives. And it helps the economy to combat the shortage of skilled workers that inhibits growth. Countries like India and Singapore have long been investing massively in lifelong learning systems. Germany can learn from them and must catch up: If you want progress, there is no way around education.

By focusing on digitised education, we could facilitate access to higher education and further democratise it. Everyone should have the opportunity to invest in their own future through education. The coalition agreement promises financial incentives to increase both supply and demand. Now education must really be understood as an opportunity that not only helps, but is also fun. This is what IU, as Germany's largest university, is committed to."

With over 75,000 students, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is the largest university in Germany. The private, state-recognised educational institution brings together more than 200 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes under its roof, which are offered in German or English. Students can choose between on-campus study, dual study, distance learning and flexible combination models and thus shape their studies in a self-determined way. In addition, IU facilitates continuing education and promotes the idea of lifelong learning. The university's goal is to make education possible for as many people as possible. IU began operations in 2000 and is now represented in 28 German cities. It cooperates with over 10,000 companies and actively supports them in employee development. Its partners include Motel One, VW Financial Services and Deutsche Bahn. Further information at:

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