Self-organisation during studies

With good self-organisation, you can manage your tasks more efficiently and with less stress. This gives you more time for the important things in life, supports your strengths and thus contributes to more success in your studies. 

Selbstorganisation im Studium - Student Selbstorganisation im Studium - Student

Challenges in studies

Nowadays, a large part of the degree programmes is designed very freely. However, this circumstance often causes great problems for many students. A lack of specifications and flexible course schedules demand a high degree of personal initiative from them. Some students tend to overdo it. They try to tackle as many tasks as possible at the same time. On the other hand, others postpone their tasks for the future in the hope of being able to complete them better at a later date. The consequences are often stress and failure. In short, there is a lack of proper self-organisation in studies. 

Effective time management methods

Students are often confronted with time problems during their studies. This is especially true for those who study part-time. The already tightly calculated time also has to be divided between partners, family, friends and free time. Are you wondering how this can be done effectively? 

The solution lies in clearly structured and well organised time management. A variety of time management methods promise to help you overcome your lack of time. We present two easy-to-use but effective methods that deliver what they promise and support you in achieving your career goals. 

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Eisenhower Matrix & ALPEN

The Eisenhower Matrix gives you a quick overview of your tasks and helps you to set priorities. Four predefined categories structure your tasks according to their degree of importance and urgency. Each category provides you with a recommendation for action. 

The ALPEN method offers you a simple approach to planning your own day. To do this, you go through the five steps that give the method its name- a German word APLEN: 


  • Write down tasks (Aufschreiben von Aufgaben) 
  • Estimate length (Länge schätzen) 
  • Plan buffer time (Pufferzeit einplanen) 
  • Make decisions (Entscheidungen treffen) 
  • Carry out a follow-up check (Nachkontrolle durchführen) 


At the end of the process, there is a realistic and well-structured daily plan. 


The optimal learning environment in studies

In addition to choosing practical learning methods, the right environment also plays a major role when it comes to successful learning. Here, we provide information about the optimal learning environment and give you tips on how to find your individual environment and how to transform and make your existing working place more effective. 

Bright. Comfortable. Quiet.

As a general rule, a good learning environment should provide you with sufficient light and oxygen. In the best case, there should be a lot of sunlight, as this is known to lift the mood. Electronic lighting should have a higher proportion of blue light than yellow light, as blue light increases the willingness to concentrate. Yellow light, on the other hand, has a counterproductive effect and encourages relaxation. Another essential component is the furniture. There should be plenty of work space on the desk for your learning materials. The chair should be suitable for your height and have a supporting backrest. 

Further tips for your studies

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