Studying with a child

At IU University of Applied Sciences, we want to provide you with the best possible support for your studies and make it as easy as possible for you to manage family life alongside your studies so that you can pursue your career with ease. Here you will find useful tips for your studies with a child.

Studying with a child made simple

Are you looking for a degree programme that suits your everyday family life or have you already enrolled? Perfect! Then we will give you a few handy tips along the way. So you can concentrate fully on your studies and still have enough time for your children and family.  

Here you will find tips on the following topics:  

  • Reconciliation of family and studies 
  • Financing your studies with a child  
  • Studying as a single parent  
  • (Re)starting a career with a child  

Reconciliation of family and studies

A regular timetable can be very helpful for organising your family life and your studies. This allows you to organise your available time appropriately. For example, to get into a routine you can plan fixed days and times for your studies. This will give a structure and more security to your new everyday life when studying with your child. Study breaks should also be included in the schedule so that you can get through the day in a balanced way. 

to-do list can help you keep track of all your tasks. You can also use it to give yourself a small sense of achievement every day, as each task you complete brings you closer to your goal, step by step.  

If you don't want to study full-time, you can also study part-time. With part-time studies, you have fewer lectures and exams per semester and you can study a bit longer. 

Financing your studies with a child  

There are many different options for financial support for students with children:   

  • Entitlement to parental allowance and child allowance 
  • Maternity benefit from the health insurance provider  
  • Supplementary child allowance in the case of marginal employment  
  • Childcare allowance from the Office for Education Funding  
  • Bafög or alternatively: housing allowance 

Studying as a single parent

For single parents, managing time for their studies can be even more important. Additional daycare options can also help you to manage your time for your studies. Please contact our student advisory service for information on available daycare options. The Office for Child and Youth Welfare can also help you regarding these questions. 

(Re)starting a career with a child

You have mastered your studies with a child and family and would now like to return to your professional job or start your career as a newcomer after graduation? Then you are entering a new phase of life, for which we can give you some helpful tips.  

  • Before the job search  
    Depending on how old your child is, you should look into the possible daycare options in advance. For example, parents have the right to a kindergarten spot for children over the age of one. You can enquire about free places at daycare centres early on and even have yourself put on waiting lists. 
  • Children in the job application   
    In principle, it is up to you whether or not to mention in your application that you have children. This is private information that does not have to be included in your curriculum vitae. It should primarily only reflect your professional career.  
  • In the job interview   
    You should play with open cards at least in the personal interview with your potential new employer. In this way, you will create clear and transparent relations and you can talk openly about the reconciliation of work and family life. 
  • Working part-time   
    Many parents also take advantage of the opportunity to work part-time at first. This way you can (re)start your job and work, for example, only 30 hours a week at first. You can arrange with your employer in advance that you can flexibly increase your hours as soon as your new routine with work and family has settled down.  

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