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Child-care allowance

When financing your studies, you should not disregard your child benefit entitlement. Even if you are already of legal age, this does not mean that your entitlement automatically ends. As a rule, you can apply for a child-care allowance up to the age of 25 and receive between € 190 and € 221 per month additionally for your studies.

You can find out more detailed information about this topic here.

Will child-care allowance still be paid after the completion of the 18th year of age? 

IU's degree programmes (Bachelor's/Master's) are recognised as fully-fledged higher education programmes for child-care allowance and benefits purposes. Therefore, if you are still under 25 years of age and are completing a first degree programme in the full-time variant, your legal guardians can apply in writing to the family allowance office (Familienkasse) for further continuation of child-care allowance payments. Family allowance offices are usually located at the employment agency offices. 

It is also possible to receive child-care allowance after the age of 25. 
For example, for months spent doing your compulsory military or civil service, the child-care allowance will still be paid after the age of 25. 

How high is the amount of child-care allowance? 
The amount of child-care allowance depends primarily on the number of your siblings. For the first two children 190 €, for the third child 196 € and for each additional child 221 € are paid each month. The amount of your child-care allowance entitlement, therefore, depends on the order of birth. 

Does my BAföG entitlement no longer be valid if I also apply for child-care allowance? 

No, your BAföG entitlement does not expire, nor do you have to include the child-care allowance in the calculation of BAföG. 

When does my entitlement to child-care allowance expire? 

As of January 2018, child-care allowance can only be applied for 6 months retroactively. 

Which academic achievements do I have to meet? 
It is important that you take your studies seriously! In addition to a certificate of enrolment, the state can also demand proof of your academic achievements. Therefore, you should try to complete your studies within the standard period of study to prove that you are seriously working on your degree. 


If you meet the necessary requirements, you can receive state funding of up to 861 euros (as of 2021) per month through BAföG. Whether and how much you will receive depends on various factors. You can find more detailed information on the BAföG website or by calling the free BAföG hotline: +49 (0)3641 940 056 062. The Student Union in Thuringia is responsible for your BAföG application.

Career advancement service of the German Armed Forces

As a soldier in the German Armed Forces, the question of how to continue your career often arises during or after your period of service. You can already take your career into your own hands during your service in the Bundeswehr, for example, with a Bachelor's or Master's distance learning programme at IU. 

Who is entitled to receive financial support from the Vocational Support Service of the Federal Armed Forces? 

Based on the Military Pensions Act (SVG), the Federal Armed Forces Vocational Support Service (BFD) supports temporary soldiers (SaZ), those doing basic military service and voluntary additional military service (FWDL) and professional officers in flying service (BO41). 

How do I receive financial support from the BFD? 

The Federal Armed Forces Vocational Support Service (Berufsförderungsdienst der Bundeswehr, BFD) in particular is responsible for your individual counselling in matters of service-related integration opportunities into civilian life, further training and distance learning. As a rule, a preliminary discussion takes place in which your future possibilities are discussed. In addition to reimbursement of postage, telephone and travel costs (e.g. to the examination locations), studies can also be reimbursed up to a certain amount. 

To take advantage of the vocational support service, you must first fill out the "Application for support of an educational measure during military service according to § 4 SVG" and submit it to your responsible support service office. This is followed by a counselling interview, in which the further details of your studies will be discussed on the basis of an individual assistance plan. This interview is a prerequisite for receiving vocational support. You can find the addresses of the vocational support services in Germany and other useful information brochures here. 

How will I receive financial support from the BFD? 

A cost guideline is available to you for the educational measure, whereby the amount usually depends on the duration of your engagement period. If you participate in external educational measures, the BFD will reimburse up to 100% of the costs within the framework of the individual cost guideline. The costs are usually reimbursed retroactively. 

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