Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttig: Girls must be able to imagine career paths in science.

Erfurt, 10 February 2022. February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The United Nations created the day to recognize the role that girls and women play in science and technology.

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttig, Chancellor of IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU): "We need to get more girls and women excited about STEM subjects and professions, about research and science. To do this, we need female role models who present fields of activity that are true to life. As a University of Applied Sciences, we are already creating a wide range of opportunities to start a career in STEM fields. With increasing success, we are specifically supporting women who choose to study IT or technology. But we need to create enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age and break down the barriers in girls' minds much earlier.

It is not about persuading girls and young women. Rather, it is about giving them a clear idea of professions with an IT, technical or scientific focus. At present, the field still seems too abstract for many girls and women. The 'normal', everyday female role models lack visibility. They can show that every woman can gain a foothold in professions in IT and technology as well as in science and make a difference – without being considered nerdy and also with a family life."


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