Civil engineering approaches the construction of projects in a scientific and analytic manner and supports the work in interdisciplinary teams.

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With the Bachelor Civil Engineering, make the career ladder your new construction project.

To avoid proverbially standing in the way of our future, we need sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts. This is especially true for the building industry. As a civil engineer, you make a substantial contribution to ensuring that the most efficient possible use of materials and technologies is achieved when building and planning new houses, roads, or industrial installations. The Bachelor's Programme in Civil Engineering at the IU University equips you with the required technical know-how, scientific-analytical thinking, and interdisciplinary leadership skills. Depending on your specialisation, you will be a sought-after expert in various areas of the construction industry.   

The IU Bachelor of Civil Engineering teaches you a broad solid knowledge in the fields of architecture, construction management, and engineering. Over and above this, the curriculum includes topics such as energy and resource-conscious construction, business administration, and construction industry 4.0. To further expand your professional knowledge, you can specialise in various areas such as structural engineering or construction project management. In this way, you can qualify as a site manager, structural engineer, or civil engineer both in the public sector or in the private sector. 

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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Your studies in Civil Engineering are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills. 

Project manager in an engineering office

As a project manager in an engineering office, you have a variety of tasks on your schedule, combined with constant client communication and coordination among the various project stakeholders. In close cooperation with clients and architects, you develop concepts for the building's technical systems, prepare tenders, and subsequently manage projects for technical building services, both as a whole and focusing on specific parts. You help ensure that construction projects are successfully implemented.   

Construction manager

Your job as a construction manager is to coordinate construction projects with all stakeholders. You coordinate and supervise the deadlines and services and monitor the construction site processes. You coordinate subcontractors to ensure that the services of the various trades are optimally integrated. You are also responsible for the construction site personnel and the accounting for the entire construction project. You are the contact person on the construction site for clients, architects, authorities, and other people involved in the construction process.   

Employee in the building agency / public service

As an employee in the public sector, you will take on a wide range of tasks at the building authority related to construction projects in a municipality. Some prominent topics are building construction, water supply, and wastewater disposal. You are in charge of public buildings and facilities in your community. The work involves spatial and urban development planning. For example, you identify building zones, draw up development plans, or plans for building zones, taking into account building regulations. You have interesting opportunities for advancement in the public sector, for example, to become a manager at the building authority, city construction councillor, or city planning officer.   

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  • Possible at 14 locations as well as at the virtual campus  
  • Mix of flexible online modules and regular classes  
  • Choose your own pace in online studies and deepen your knowledge with the help of experienced professors on campus 

Dual studies

Study or work? Just do both!  

  • The perfect way to start your career: study and gain work experience at the same time  
  • At over 35 locations as well as at the virtual campus 
  • Regular rotation between theory on campus and practice in the company 
  • Apply what you have learned directly in practice and have more than three years of professional experience after graduation  

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