Your prize? A free continuing education course at the IU Academy.

For the third time, IU International University of Applied Sciences will be conferring Alumni Awards in recognition of outstanding achievements and performances of our graduates. The winners of the Alumni Awards will be presented to the public on of our most important communication channels (social media, website, blog, news, press release, newsletter). 


The candidate must have an academic degree (B. A., M. A., MBA, MSc, LLB) from IU International University of Applied Sciences (formerly IUBH, all study models and locations qualify).  

In 2022, the Alumni Awards will be granted in four different categories. There will be a maximum of one award per category per year. The management team of the IU International University reserves the right to decide whether no award or only one award will be presented in each category. 


Category I: Professional Success Award

For exceptional professional achievements, e.g. high-level management position or very successful and extraordinary career nationally or internationally. 

Category II: Entrepreneurial Award

For alumni who initiate innovative ideas or develop and implement business models that have a potential for strong growth. 

Category III: Digital Education Development Award

For Alumni whose commitment/activities are particularly dedicated to advancing the digitisation of education or advanced training courses. 

Category IV: Sustainability Award

For Alumni who have made a special contribution to the topic of sustainability through their commitment/activities. 

Nomination options: 

  • Via recommendation from alumni 
  • Self-nomination 
  • Via IU International University of Applied Sciences (e.g. management team, professors, site managers) 

Nomination procedure: 

To nominate yourself or another graduate, share your success story or project and send a letter of application (maximum one page) with reference to the criteria of the respective category and the corresponding CV via email to, preferably including a XING or LinkedIn profile of the person being nominated.

Nominations by IU International University of Applied Sciences are also submitted in writing. The management team, professors or site managers send a letter of justification with reference to the criteria of the respective category. 

Nomination deadline: The nomination deadline is 30.09.2022

Announcement of the award winners: End of October 2022

Presentation of the award: at the next big Online Alumni Meet-up 2022


As the winner of the Alumni Award, we will give you a free continuing education course at the IU Academy with a duration of up to 4 months full-time or 8 months part-time. You can choose from a variety of German and English-language programs in future-proof areas such as Leadership, Change Management, Communications, IT & Data and many more.


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