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Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in our society. 

Although today's generation of children is unfamiliar with a world without digital media and in this sense are true "digital natives", the digitisation of schools is a slow and uneven process. This imbalance between educational reality and requirements is also reflected in the current situation, which is shaped by Sars-Covid-19. While some schools have been very quick to support students with digital media, other schools are firmly stuck in the analogue age and have bridged the homeschooling period as usual with analogue media and home visits. This is a sign of both technical and pedagogical backwardness, which would have offered opportunities for further development, especially in this context. But not only schools are reaching their digital limits, teachers also often feel insufficiently supported. Germany is lagging behind the European standard. 

Against this backdrop, the EduC is intended to establish a compass which, by means of regular surveys of the relevant stakeholders (school authorities and school management, teachers, parents, pupils), will break down the state of digitisation, record it by region and type of school and observe the differences in development. It should also be evaluated whether and in what form the subsidies distributed by the federal and state government lead to successful or less successful changes. 

For this purpose, a digital index is to be established, which depicts digitisation and success as a key figure. On this basis, a maturity model is to be developed, which will show areas for improvement of certain elements. In this way, the development needs and targeted transformation processes can be concretely described and the actual degree of achievement can be precisely evaluated. 


September 2020 – September 2022 


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IUBH-Kompass 2020 


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