Financing through scholarships 


Heads up: We award four 50% scholarships every month to people with particularly inspiring backgrounds who are not yet enrolled at IU International University of Applied Sciences!  

With IU scholarship, your tuition fees are reduced over the entire duration of your studies. And because we know that everyone's educational path is unique, we have several reasons why we should support you.  

Take your chance and apply for one of our scholarships for people with disabilities, Women in Tech, Single Parents or New Starters


With a health impairment, you master small or big challenges every day to realise your dreams. We want to encourage this commitment so that you can also encourage others!  

Prerequisite: You can prove that you have a permanent health limitation. In addition, you must submit a current certificate/proof of impairment (medical certificate or pass for severely disabled/handicapped person). 


For Women in MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology): Are you looking to conquer male-dominated industries with your tech skills? We are fully behind you – with our Women in Tech Scholarship! 


Prerequisite: You apply for one of our Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes in the field of IT & Technology. Additionally, you have to present your motivation for a technical profession in your written motivation letter or your video. 

Scholarship for single parents

If you are a single parent studying for a degree, you deserve more than just respect: You are not only concerned about your future, but also about that of your child. We would like to honour this personal achievement by supporting you financially with our scholarship for single parents.  

Prerequisite: You are a single parent, have sole or shared custody and your child or children live with you? Then we look forward to receiving your application! 

Scholarship for new starters

Do you want to change your career direction or make a completely new start? Then you have a lot to gain: Because education knows no age - even if BAföG is no longer available! To reward your courage, we award our scholarship for new starters.  

Prerequisite: In a letter of motivation, tell us the reasons for your new start, what goals you are pursuing and why we should support you. We are looking forward to your story! 


Apply for a Deutschlandstipendium and secure your funding totalling 300 euros per month.  


With the Deutschlandstipendium, the Federal Government supports particularly talented and capable students. 

The scholarship amounts to 300 euros per month

  • 150 euros paid by the Federal Government
  • 150 euros paid by private sponsors – for example, businesses, foundations, associations or other private individuals. 

IU has awarded a total of 94 Deutschlandstipendien to students from all study models for the summer semester of 2021. 

Application period for the winter semester: 01.06. - 31.07 of the respective year 

Application period for the summer semester: 01.12 - 31.01 of the respective year 


Student Loans

If you are looking for other ways to finance your studies, then a student loan from KfW Förderbank may be the right choice for you. 

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