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Whether it's a change of direction in your career, the desire for more recognition or taking on leadership responsibility: further development requires courage, determination and a goal in mind. Our students tell you what made them decide to study alongside their jobs, families and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


With a degree, our students create important impulses for their careers: they take on more responsibility, new tasks and leadership positions – hats off!

Daniela Schramm

B.A. Health Management &
Dispatcher in the Medical Emergency Service

"I have been working in the health care sector for 7 years now – over the past few years, I have noticed time and time again that there are many inadequacies in this area specifically. Therefore my goal is quite clear in my mind: I want to participate actively in the revolution of our health care system! That's why I decided to study health management alongside my job as a dispatcher in the medical emergency service. It is really great that my professional experience is recognised by IU International University of Applied Sciences and that I can realise my dream of studying without A-levels!"

Cédric Gobrecht

B.A. Business Administration &
Project Coordinator Customer Experience

"How did I ended up pursuing a part-time degree? Eventually, at some point, I realised that the content which I acquired during my apprenticeship was no longer sufficient. It was clear to me that if I want to develop myself further as a professional, I have to pursue university studies. Now that I am studying, the biggest challenge is time management. That is something I still have to learn. But I knew what I was getting into. The student advisory service gave me a really good insight."

Lena Thurner

B.A. Social Work
& Nursery Teacher

"I have been working as a group leader in a private daycare centre for 5 years. The youngest members of our society are especially close to my heart, which is why I would like to start working in the adoption agency of the youth welfare department as soon as possible. Since my professional training as a nursery school teacher is not sufficient for this, I decided to do a bachelor's degree in social work. Above all, the module "Methods and Tools of Social Work" has given me a lot of variety in methods for dealing with parents during counselling sessions."


B.A. Digital Business
& Manager Sourcing

"Why did I choose the Digital Business degree programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences? It combines future-oriented teaching content in the field of digitalisation with the fundamentals of economics. Particular emphasis is placed on practice-oriented learning: Together with three other fellow students and my professor, we were able to get to know the digitalisation projects of the Bosch company at the IOT Campus in Berlin. That was just super exciting! I am already able to utilise the knowledge I gained from my studies in practice at my employer: In my department, I have been responsible for the digitalisation and automation of certain processes for some time now. My job and my studies complement each other just perfectly!"

Christina Blanck

B.Sc. Business Psychology
& Audit Assurance Assistant

"In my job, it is not always easy for me to immediately understand the complex subject matter - a lot of content from my studies, such as the "Law" module, makes it easier for me to access such topics. I also learn exciting methods of how to use psychological aspects in business life. Basic courses such as "Time Management" provide useful strategies on how to optimally balance work and study. But I am also especially looking forward to modules such as International Management or Human Resources. The combination of economics and psychology makes the degree programme incredibly exciting for me."

SERGIU-cristian POP

B.A. International Management
& Payment Specialist

"I have always seen my professional future in the field of economics. I already did my technical A-levels in international business administration and economics – after that, I worked as a self-employed financial advisor for some time. Now I work as a payment specialist at Telxius Towers Germany – a Telefonica company. Here I take care of all tasks related to accounts payable bookkeeping. My career goal of taking on a higher position in the company and becoming CFO is quite clear in my mind! However, I need the appropriate qualifications for such a position. The International Management degree programme offers me exactly the tools I need to achieve this goal."

Timea Siman

B.A. Special Education
& Qualified Childminder

“At the age of 55, I have summoned up all my courage and decided to study again! I have a large family, work full time as a qualified childminder at the Youth Welfare Department and study Childhood Pedagogy at IU International University of Applied Sciences on top of all that! As a full-time employee and passionate grandmother of 2 grandchildren, time management is a challenge even for me as a power woman. This makes it all the more important for me to be able to organise my studies according to my rhythm. With the part-time study programme, IU University of Applied Sciences offers me a study model that adapts to my individual needs.”

Liza Arold

B.A. Digital Business
& Assistant in the Media Industry

"After my A-levels, I first completed my vocational training as an office management assistant and now I am studying Digital Business in a part-time degree programme. What I particularly like about this degree programme is that the course content is perfectly aligned with the fundamental business knowledge I acquired during my vocational training and on top of that I also acquire skills in the area of information technology. This combination brings me one step closer to my goal of being responsible for digitalisation projects."

Magdalena Eisl

B.Sc. Business Psychology
& Customer Service Manager

"The part-time degree programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences can be optimally part-time with my work and offers me the opportunity to develop myself professionally and personally without any stress. The combination of digital self-learning phases and attendance phases at the IU campus works very well: The attendance phases are ideally complemented by the self-learning phases and any unclear points are clarified by the experienced and competent professors. In addition, I was also impressed by the structured design of the programme: the course content is divided into modules that I can complete one after the other in a flexible yet structured manner."



Interests and goals often change in life. Maybe today is the right time for you to try something new! Many of our students have taken the step in a completely different direction. And they were successful.

Patrick Schott

B.A. Business Informatics
& Marketing Manager

"My current employer is an IT service provider that offers biometrics, IT security and high availability solutions. During my time at this company, I realised that the entire field of information technology offers a lot of potential and will continue to grow and gain more importance in the future. So I mustered up all my courage and a lot of motivation and decided to pursue a third degree! I want to dive into a completely different professional world all over again!"


B.Sc. Psychology
Service Manager Hotel Industry

"I have been working in the tourism industry for three years now. But it has always been my dream to work intensively with people in my professional life. When I started looking for a suitable degree programme, the contents of the bachelor's degree programme in Psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences appealed to me immediately. And it was crystal clear to me: that's exactly what I'm interested in! I have recently started to study psychology on a part-time basis and I am happy that I can finally pursue my passion."

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B.A. Business Administration

Along with the good reputation, I was convinced by the flexibility and the combination of online and live seminars.

Abena Liebisch

B.A. Social Work

Hardly any other university offers the degree of flexibility that IU International University does.

Michael Aman

B.A. Business Administration

The flexibility that is expected of me in my professional environment is something I also experienced at IU International University.


B.A. Business Administration

My extensive Business Administration studies have helped me to think outside the box.


B.A. Social Work

IU study programme adjusted to my life and not the other way around.


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