IU International University of Applied Sciences and London South Bank University team up


Competitive edge through Dual Degree: New Partnership

Erfurt, 22 April 2021 - IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany is proud to announce the newly formed partnership with London South Bank University (LSBU), UK.

Following final course approval IU International University of Applied Sciences students will have the unique opportunity to really experience how it feels to study in the 21st century by being awarded a high quality fully accredited German degree and to receive a degree from London South Bank University (LSBU). With this new cooperation, students around the globe would have the unique opportunity to graduate with a German and a UK degree from two internationally recognised universities.


As we celebrate our international growth and history, built on over two decades of experience, we continue to prepare students for truly international and wide-ranging international career possibilities. This is reflected in our global corporate network of over 6,000 partners. We are committed to empowering future generations to make the most of their potential. International University of Applied Sciences reflects our continued focus on increased access to education throughout the world. With over ten years of experience in offering high quality online studies, we currently support over 70,000 students in reaching their academic goals and preparing them for their careers in a digitalised world. IU International University of Applied Sciences has been recognised with the QS 5 Star University ranking for Online Learning, with an exceptional 99/100 points for its flexible and innovative online studies.

LSBU has an equally impressive reputation and history as one of London’s largest and oldest universities with over 20,000 students, offering a large number and range of study programmes. LSBU’s journey from a further education institution to higher education, polytechnic to university, is of great interest to overseas partners and governments due to its focus on innovative approach to higher education. The expansion of higher education is a critical mission in many countries around the globe and LSBU believes it is a natural extension of the growth journey to be part of the story overseas. LSBU has built many sustainable relationships and is also unprecedented double winner of the title “University of the Year for Graduate Employment” -The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018 and 2019. LSBU is a global and ambitious university with the entrepreneurial spirit. This makes LSBU a perfect partner for IU International University of Applied Sciences to join efforts in the shared vision to continue offering access to opportunities, support student success in their further professional career as well as be able to respond to the creative solutions of the future challenges by creating a digital environment that embraces innovation and sustainability.

Students benefit from flexibility, fees and time efficiency

Students registered in selected Online study programmes, could opt for a dual degree in a number of Bachelor, Master and MBA programmes. They would be able to improve their career prospects while maintaining the highest flexibility and cost efficiency during their studies. No additional semester would be required; students would be able to gain two degrees in a very time-efficient manner.


IU International University of Applied Sciences Prorector International Affairs & Diversity, Prof. Dr. Florian Hummel stresses: “We are proud to offer our students around the globe the opportunity to further improve their career prospects. IU International University of Applied Sciences and LSBU are an excellent fit due to our highly international profiles and similar programme offerings. With this cooperation IU International University of Applied Sciences continues to make good on its promise of making education accessible for all to grow.”

IU International University of Applied Sciences’s collaboration with a UK based university is particularly interesting for international students, who might not otherwise have the chance to earn a UK and a European degree.


Stuart Bannerman, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor International for LSBU states: “With IU International University of Applied Sciences, we are happy to have found a like-minded institution especially when it comes to international outlook and access to education. The strong focus and expertise in digital education shown by IU International University of Applied Sciences is another very good reason to team up. We continue to see great interest in UK degrees and this partnership will provide a unique opportunity to students all over the world”.


Dual degree option gives graduates competitive edge in many fields  

In line with its mission to empower people in a digital world, IU International University of Applied Sciences continuously seeks innovative ways to support its students and focus on their needs. The dual degree offer is yet another step on the path to students’ success. The intention is for the dual degree option to be offered on an opt-in basis. Fees would vary depending on the chosen program.


The intended programme choices in cooperation with LSBU range from Bachelor programs in Business Administration, Data and Computer Science, International Management. Master programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Computer and Data Science, Master in Management with elective specialisation options in Engineering, Finance & Accounting, International Marketing, IT, Leadership and Big Data. MBA degree programmes include MBA with elective specialisation options in Big Data, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, IT and Marketing. More options can be expected to be offered in the future.

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