Dieser Ort ist meine Welt
Dieser Ort ist meine Welt

Research at the IU

As an accredited university, research is an essential part of the IU International University of Applied Science. IU International University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to practice-oriented research and transfer services and benefits from its large network of practice partners and the diverse practical experience of its professors. 

The research and transfer services at the IU International University of Applied Sciences are as diverse as its professors and its research foci. They range from scientific publications and conference contributions to forms of media presence and diverse third mission activities such as participation in committees and roles as experts to winning creative and design competitions. 

IU International University of Applied Sciences research and transfer funding is located in the Vice Rector for Research and Transfer. The Research Office is a service and advisory unit. It supports researchers with various funding instruments, prepares annual quality assurance reports and is the contact for all questions and concerns relating to research and transfer.  

Our new orientation with the establishment of the Pro-Rectorate Research & Transfer and also the catalogue of measures, which will be reflected in the new research concept, is geared towards supporting those who want to be actively involved in scientific research out of personal motivation. I see a lot of potential there.

Prof. Dr. Kamal Bhattacharya

Vice Rector for Research and Transfer

The research team

  • Prof. Dr. Kamal Bhattachary, Vice Rector for Research and Transfer 

  • Dr. Kerstin Janson, Head of the Research Office 

  • Dr. Heiko Stullich, Research Manager 

  • Dr. Christina Nagler, EU Research Manager 

  • Elina Priedulina, Project Manager and Project Administrator 

  • Adrian Rose, staff member of the Research Office 

  • Laura Ratusznik, Student Assistant (without photo) 

  • Seyma Ünal, Student Assistant (without photo) 

  • Louis Henri Cabrita Tavares Furtado, Student Assistant (without photo) 


IU Forschungsteam
Bei allen Anfragen rund um die Themen Forschung & Transfer an der IU hilft das Forschungsreferat gerne weiter.

Awards, accreditations and certifications

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