Frau hält Vortrag auf einer Fachtagung
Frau hält Vortrag auf einer Fachtagung

Scientific Conferences at the IU

Exchange and networking in the scientific community

Conferences and symposia are the crystallisation point of academic discourse, friendly and collegial networking and constructive discussion - whether analogue or online. The contributions of the speakers often end up in a joint publication and thus become part of the professional discourse. Here you will find a selection of past and future conferences that the IU International University of Applied Sciences has hosted or will host. 

Upcoming events

HOW do we do it? Rethinking methods of cultural education.

15th Conference of the Network Research Cultural Education and Annual Conference of the Knowledge Platform kubi-online 2024

  • Location: IU Standort Gerling-Quartier, Cologne

  • Date: 10.-11.09.2024

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4th Conference on Digital Transformation and Sustainability in the Global Financial Economy

Opportunities and challenges for a sustainable and digital future

  • Location: IU Campus München, Berg-am-Laim-Straße 47

  • Date: 16.09.2024

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Practice and research in dialogue

  • Location: IU International University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Hildeboldpl. 20

  • Date: 25.09.2024

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3rd IU symposium for Construction & Real Estate programmes

in cooperation with Münchener Hypothekenbank eG

Exchange on the construction and operation of buildings - research meets practice

  • Location: Münchener Hypothekenbank eG - Karl-Scharnagl-Ring 10, 80539 München

  • Date: 09.10.2024

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ISPC 2024

4th annual International Scientific-Practical Conference

  • Location: IU Standort Gerling-Quartier, Köln

  • Date: 10.-11.10.2024

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Social Work and Human Rights

5th online symposium - "Social work and social transformation: Social work and human rights - between claim and reality"

  • Virtual symposium

  • Date: 29.11.2024

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The link between practice and research

Conferences at the IU enable professors and academic staff to engage in dialogue about current research and thus improve the quality of research at the IU; at the same time, they connect practice and research so that both practice and research can learn and benefit from each other. Last but not least, specialist conferences at the IU provide students with insight into current questions and answers in specialist discussions.

Susanne Becker

Professor of Social Work

Past events


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