Distance learning

Apply online, enrol online

Your path to starting your studies: Explained step by step

Your online application

Go to our online application form, then select your study programme and preferred starting date. You can upload your documents (university entrance qualification, reports, CV etc.) immediately or submit them at a later date.  

Secure your spot here.

Your study contract

If you have decided on a study programme, you can simply finalise your contract online with just a few clicks or upload it with your digital or manual signature in our designated upload space. 

We will send you your contract via e-mail. After that, you can run a free trial of four weeks*. 

* Fees for your trial month only become payable once you decide to keep studying with us.

Starting your studies

After completing your online application, you will be able to start at your desired starting date. You will receive an e-mail with your login data, can access the IU online campus and attend an introduction to starting your studies. 

Your admission to the Bachelor's programme

At IU, you can start your Bachelor's study programme with or without a university entrance qualification.

Your checklist for starting your bachelor’s studies

To complete enrolment for your distance learning, we need the following documents: 

  • Your signed study contract (by mail or e-mail) 

  • Notarised Copy of your university entrance qualification by mail: 
    A-levels or vocational diploma, master craftsman’s diploma, advanced further training, certificate of professional training including proof of required work experience. You can find all information on the certification of documents here.

  • CV mentioning your education, previous studies and work experience 

  • Registration of your studies with your health insurance company

  • Copy of your official photo I.D. 

  • Where required, proof of your language skills (must not be older than two years) 


*For this, you have to notify your health insurance company of starting your studies as soon as possible so they can register you with us.

Unversity entrance qualification: Certified copy

To complete your enrolment, we need a certified copy of your university entrance qualification. This video shows you how to obtain this copy. 

Tip: You can find detailed information on the requirements of a certified copy and authorised institutions in this document. 

Tips for choosing a course of study

Do you need help choosing the right study programme? Here you will find decision-making tools that will really help you.



You can try out your study programme for four weeks – no commitment. The fees for this period only apply if you decide to continue your studies with us.

Simply register online for your desired programme.

Your admission to the Master's and MBA programme

To start your Master's study programme with us, you need to have completed an undergraduate degree – for example, a Bachelor's degree or "Diplom". For foreign documents, we also require a translation into German or English. Special admission requirements also apply to some Master's programmes.

Please note that some study programmes have separate admission requirements (e.g. first degree with a degree-specific focus, required work experience, proof of English, previous knowledge in certain subject areas). You can find the latest information on our website under the tab "Admission" for the degree programme of your choice.

Master's study programmes

Your checklist to get started on your Master’s programme

To complete enrolment for your distance learning, we need the following documents:

  • Your signed study contract (by post or e-mail)

  • An officially certified copy of the certificate of your first degree with proof of the number of ECTS credits by post. You can find all information on the certification of documents here.

  • A curriculum vitae in table form with details of education, studies and work experience

  • Proof of health insurance no older than three months

  • A copy of your official photo ID

  • Proof of your language skills (not older than two years) if applicable

Master's programmes with entrance examination

For a number of 120 ECTS Master's programmes*, you need a Bachelor's degree with a specific focus. If you do not have this qualification, you still have the possibility of gaining admission via a Master's entrance examination.

*You can find out which Master's programmes this regulation applies to on the page of your degree programme under "Admission".

Master's study programmes

Your Master’s entrance examination: a 3-step guide

1. Enrol online

To enter a study programme that requires a Master’s entrance examination, start by applying via our online form.

2. Complete application

After completing your online application, you will be able to start at your desired starting date. We will send you an e-mail with the login data for the online campus where you will find all the information on your master’s entrance exam. Please submit your documents as soon as possible. Once we have received all the documents, we will admit you to the exam.

3. Take the Master's entrance examination

You have twelve months to complete two predefined modules, each ending in an exam. If you pass, you can start your studies straight away!

You can take a Master's entrance examination in these subject areas.

Your direct line to us!

Our free student advisory service will gladly help you find your optimal study programme.

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