Be an active part in shaping the future of children with a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education. 

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Are you passionate about education and supporting children? If this is the case, you should take on an active part in their educational and developmental process. With a degree in Childhood Education Studies, you can work closely with educators and have the chance to reach senior positions as well. Additionally, you’ll be creating innovative ways of supporting children. Thanks to your knowledge, you can accompany children throughout their education and development, as well as offer equal opportunities as well as protection from violence and marginalisation for both families and children.  

The Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education at IUBH gives you the fundamental knowledge in fields like childcare, education, and upbringing. You will deal intensively with socio-pedagogical topics but also dive deep into the foundations of psychology and neurobiology, which are important for understanding early childhood development. After finishing your studies within childhood education, you receive the title of “publicly recognised childhood pedagogue”. Then you’re able to support families as well as educational institutions within development and promotion of important competences on in the areas of relationships and upbringing.   

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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If you enjoy working with children, many opportunities of fulfilling work will be within reach after completing a degree in Childhood Education:  

Childhood Educator

As a childhood educator, you are an expert in the development, upbringing, and education of children. You develop concepts to support children, advise parents on educational issues, or take on leadership roles in educational institutions. Childhood educators work primarily in social institutions such as kindergartens, daycare centres, preschools or after-school care. You also have the opportunity to work in various counselling centres, for example, for child and family development. 

Daycare manager

In a management role in a daycare centre, you are a key contact point and provide trust to children and their parents. The job focuses on the loving and caring interaction with children as well as promoting their intellectual and social skills. You make a major contribution to integration and identify or resolve behaviour-related issues cooperatively with parents, siblings, and therapists. As a manager, you also take on important administrative tasks, manage staff, and develop activities and individual programmes at the daycare centre.  

Educational counsellor

More and more educational counselling centres have specialised in developing new concepts for working with parents and are increasingly supporting families with babies and young children. As an educational counsellor, you make use of your knowledge in development and psychology and support the creation of programmes and preventive measures. You can also work as a counsellor in the field of youth welfare and family courts and support family court proceedings with your specialised expertise.

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  • Apply what you have learned directly in practice and have more than three years of professional experience after graduation  

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