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Your path Leads you upwards and abroad.

At IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), you won’t only have the opportunity to study as flexibly as possible, but also complete your studies with a semester abroad. And you can do it in your very own way. 

Off to new shores – broaden your horizons at IU with a semester abroad

Time out? Time abroad! Your IU semester abroad will take you to completely new shores, grow your network and broaden your intellectual horizons. You'll get to know other cultures, develop your language skills and your academic knowledge and, on top of that, you'll expand your circle of friends. Studying abroad has a number of advantages. Here we have summarised everything you need to know about studying abroad. 

Study abroad flexibly with distance learning

Online studies 

Whether you are studying a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree with a semester abroad – in distance learning, you can study online with complete flexibility from anywhere. Bachelor’s degree in Bali, Master’s degree in Portugal, internship in the USA? Not a problem at IU!  

Studying abroad for a semester? Whenever you want, however you want 

Being able to start your studies all year round makes it easy to begin your studies abroad. Maybe you want to arrive first and get to know the country and the culture? Do that! You can start whenever you want. Do you want to work while you study? That's also possible, because you decide whether you want to study full-time or part-time. And your study content will always be available online 24/7.  

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Your time abroad, your myStudies

Virtual campus 

With myStudies, you can also spend a semester abroad either via the virtual campus or with a partner university. It doesn't matter whether you want to go abroad for only 3 months or for a whole year. 

Thanks to myStudies’ flexible study model, you can switch between one of our locations and the virtual campus every quarter. All you need to study from anywhere in the world is a stable internet connection so that you can attend your lectures without any issues.  

Partner universities 

If you want the complete university experience on site, you have the option of applying to one of our partner universities. Here you can expect campus life, fellow students from all over the world and local activities; everything that is part of university life. We are already in contact with various universities around the world to make it possible for our students to spend a semester abroad at attractive locations outside of Europe.  

In this version of your semester abroad, you will also have a permanent contact person who will support you from Germany to ensure that you have a great experience. 

On your own 

Of course, you can also organise your own semester abroad. To avoid paying double tuition fees, simply take a semester off at IU and off you go. The credits you earn in modules at your chosen university abroad can be credited to you here if the content overlaps. We will be happy to check this for you in advance so that you can start your studies abroad well informed.  

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New levels on the career ladder: internships abroad

Another option that will improve your CV and skills is an internship abroad. Internships abroad give you the opportunity to gain international work experience as well as language skills and intercultural skills. It looks great on your CV and gives you important experience for your future career path. 

You have the choice of doing an internship during your free time and thus staying in the regular study schedule, or applying for a semester off and going away for several months. Depending on what you decide, an agency can help you find the right position and look after you during this time. Various online portals can also help you find your dream internship.  

Reasons for studying a semester abroad

better chances in professional life due to better foreign language skills

development of intercultural competence

international experience in communication and the world of work

personal development

building a global network

new perspectives

career advantage after graduation

Our students abroad


Distance learning student in Nutritional Sciences 

I currently live and study in Priština, the capital of Kosovo. Since I travel a lot, all over Kosovo and also in Albania, my studies are always with me. I like the simplicity of things and the way of life, the peace and serenity of this region and its people. Here I find the seclusion and time I need for my studies. 


Distance learning student in Digital Business 

What I particularly like about Panama is the sea and the beach. Getting up in the morning, seeing the sun and walking on the beach - I couldn't ask for anything better! I am grateful that IU gave me the chance to continue my education and at the same time realise my dream of living in Panama. 


Distance learning student in Business Psychology 

We are currently travelling through California, so it is and will always be an exciting journey - and my IU distance learning programme is always along for the ride. My magic word: routine. After I finish my morning routine, I always sit down at my desk and start studying with the Pomodoro Technique, a productivity and time management method based on working in small intervals. 

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