Recognition of prior achievements in your distance learning

Save time and money: getting previous knowledge recognised

Relevant previous knowledge can reduce your study duration and save you 30 euros per ECTS-point

We differentiate between recognition and crediting: If you have completed courses at another university or university of applied sciences, you can have these recognized. Vocational training or professional experience relevant to your study programme can be credited. Here we speak generally of recognition.

For the recognition of your standard and/or individual previous knowledge, we have prepared an online application form for you. If needed, you can combine the two:

Standard options for recognition

For a large number of vocational or further training, we have pre-filled applications for recognition which you can simply fill in online. Have a look first if there is a standard application that fits your vocational or further training.  Examples for standard recognition options:  - Vocational training IHK, HWK  - Further training IHK, HWK  - Further training VWA  - Other 

Individual options for recognition

You have professional experience we don’t offer standard recognition for or have studied at another university or university of applied sciences? Then fill in our individual online application. Below, we will guide you through the steps. Examples for individual recognition options: - Completed courses at other universities/universities of applied sciences - Non-university degrees (e.g. IHK degree) - Contents from vocational training - Professional experience

Your cost reduction

Your cost reduction

What do you have to pay attention to if you want to save money with your previous knowledge? It is particularly important that you submit your application for recognition online by the end of your trial month at the latest. This way you reduce the number of monthly installments - the amount of the installments itself does not change. You can find more information in the notes for your recognition at the bottom of the page.

Submit an application and secure your benefits!

We will also be happy to check in advance whether we can recognise your previous achievements – without obligation and 100% online. You do not have to enrol directly for this!

Simple (i.e. non-authenticated) copies of your certificates are sufficient for us to check.

5 steps through your recognition application

Do you have professional experience for which there is no general recognition option, or have you already studied at another university? Then use our individual application for recognition of prior learning achievements.

1. Start your online recognition

You want to get started right away? Then go directly to our online recognition.

And, by the way: We will be happy to check whether (and to what extent) we can recognise your previous achievements before you apply for your desired study programme. Simple (i.e. non-authenticated) copies of your certificates are sufficient.

2. Fill out the contact form

Next, you choose your study programme and enter your details. Already a student at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU)? Then enter the programme you want to have individual experience recognised for. 

3. Optional standard recognition

First, you review our list of vocational or further trainings for standard recognition. You have completed one of these trainings? Then select it. If you haven’t completed any of the listed trainings, simply select the modules you would like to have experience recognised for in the next step.  

By the way: you can combine the application for standard recognition with the recognition for individual previous experience. 

4. Fill in your previous experience

See whether you have any previous experience: Simply compare your professional experience or completed courses with the module handbook of your study programme. If the contents match, you can choose the corresponding courses from the compulsory and elective subjects in the dropdown menu. Please take note of the additional regulations concerning electives. You find them on the corresponding study plan. 

5. Submit your documents

To finish, you submit relevant proof (see required documents) in the corresponding upload space. And you’re done! 

Our tip: To help us review your application faster, name your documents like this: Content_FirstName_LastName, e.g. Report_John_Doe

Submit an application and secure your benefits!

We will also be happy to check in advance whether we can recognise your previous achievements – without obligation and 100% online. You do not have to enrol directly for this!

Simple (i.e. non-authenticated) copies of your certificates are sufficient for us to check.

Your checklist: Have you submitted everything yet?

We still need a few documents to check your recognition: You are welcome to send us simple (non-certified) copies, as we cannot return your documents to you. Here you will find an overview of which documents are required as proof of your previous achievements.

Your path to recognition

1. Application received

As soon as you have completed and submitted your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. We will then contact you by e-mail and inform you of any documents we might still need.

2. Final acceptance

We will send you a message when we have processed your application and forwarded it to the Examination Board for final approval.

3. Recognition notice

You will receive your finalised certificate of recognition.

4. Entering your achievements

We will forward the notification to the Examinations Office so that your recognised achievements are recorded in your transcript of records. However, this only happens after your official matriculation.

5. Cost reduction

If you also save tuition fees through recognition, you will receive a supplementary agreement which will be sent to you before payment starts and is valid from your official enrolment date.

Tips for your recognition process

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