Glückliche afrikanische Mann arbeitet an seinem Schreibtisch
Glückliche afrikanische Mann arbeitet an seinem Schreibtisch


Take the lead in the digital age with your MBA in IT Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences. 

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You know how to survive in today's Market. Terms like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT Security and Data Protection are buzzwords for you instead of foreign words. You have already completed your studies and gained initial professional experience. Now you want to go one step further with IT expertise and leadership skills. The MBA programme in IT-Management prepares you for greater tasks.


The master programme in IT Management gives you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the information technology sector, for example, in these roles: 

Mann und Frau beim Coding

IT Project Manager

IT project managers are responsible for the supervision of IT projects and always know about their current status. They can intervene on a subject-specific basis if necessary. They determine the project processes in the IT area as far as possible and can create specifications and guidelines themselves, which can even simplify the further course of the project. They consider the needs of the company and create documentation during the course of the project. Consultation with the specialist departments and project managers is also part of his job.

Team arbeitet an Programmcode

Scrum Master

Mann und Frau arbeiten gemeinsam an Desktop

HR Specialist Tech Recruiting

Choose how you want to study IT-Management (MBA) at IU

Every person is unique. That's why we have developed study models that are optimally suited to every learning type and that consistently focus on your personal and professional goals. Whatever your everyday life may look like, with your MBA in IT-Management you will always remain flexible and study 100% self-determined. In concrete terms, this means that at the IU International University of Applied Sciences, you alone decide what really matters in life and how individually you want to structure your Master's degree. 

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study IT-Management (MBA)

If you want to take both your professional career and your expertise to an international level, it might be better to study for an MBA. In contrast to the classic Master's programme, the focus here is even more on teaching Business Management and Leadership skills. In this way, you can acquire special know-how and deepen your existing specialised knowledge in a targeted way, regardless of the industry. Theoretically and practically, the IU Master's programme makes you an internationally sought-after specialist in your chosen field of Business. At the same time, you will benefit from excellent salary and career prospects.  

Your IU Studies in IT-Management

During your English-language MBA programme in IT-Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences, you will study IT-Concepts, modern IT-Services, IT-Project Management and the conceptual Design of Software. You will also learn Management skills for the development and implementation of IT-Services, IT-Architectures and IT-Strategies. In addition, your Soft Skills and Leadership Qualities are in the foreground. Not to mention the teaching of important Business basics so that you can keep up with international Business at the top level. A strong overall package that will not only develop you personally, but also open up the best career opportunities for you. 

A look into the future: what you'll do after graduation

IT-Managers are among the most sought-after experts in modern industry. But also in the public sector there is a desperate need for specialised personnel with strong IT-Skills. So you can more or less choose your job in the IT sector. Either you start out as an IT-Project Manager and supervise large IT-Projects or Project Processes in the IT-Sector by creating specifications and guidelines yourself. Or you take care of Agile Work as a Scrum Master, moderating Daily Scrum Meetings and coordinating Sprints. Alternatively, you could take on the role of HR Specialist in Tech Recuriting to organise the active recruitment and approach as well as the forward-looking talent acquisition for the IT area of a company.  


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