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Education is always with you when you study at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU). Here, students and alumni have their say, telling us what their educational path at the University was like and what individual prerequisites they each brought with them.  

Let yourself be inspired and set out on your own educational path

You want to start studying, but still want to find out how students who are already enrolled would rate their studies at IU? You are not sure whether "someone like you" can study (spoiler: definitely, anyone can start studying here!)? Here you will find what you are looking for. Whether you're a student or an alumni - you're bound to find yourself in one of the stories. Or inspiration and incentive to achieve the same.  

Ratings that are something to be proud of

It is important to us to give our students a voice and tell their story. Because apart from our various certifications and seals, the personal opinion of the student body is also very important. Apart from that, we want to show you that you can do it all. Your studies at a state-accredited University like IU are just waiting for you to start. We give you a jump-start - but you have to get started yourself. Your future is within reach! 

IU Opinions from our students

Here, our students have their say and tell you what they think about IU, how they would rate their studies with us and what drives them personally. Let yourself be inspired! 

Find out more about Yasodara and our other students, who are all following their own unique paths with their respective studies at IU. Whether they have health restrictions, a full-time job or are parents who have to look after their children at home at the same time. There is room for everyone here! 

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Have our testimonials whetted your appetite for more, but you're not quite sure yet? No problem! We give you time to check whether studying at IU International University of Applied Science is the right thing for you. That's why we offer you the opportunity to test our entire programme for one month, free of charge and without obligation. 

Simply register online for your desired degree programme. Or try out our online campus with all its possibilities, events and courses without any obligation. 

IU Experience Reports from our Alumni

Anna-Dorothea Hild

Bachelor of Arts Marketing 

"The degree programme is designed so flexibly that you can complete it successfully despite having a full-time job and a part-time job.  

In the same year of my BA Marketing degree, I now have the perfect entry into my dream industry."  

Find out here how Anna-Dorothea managed to switch from tax consultancy to creative marketing with the help of her IU distance learning programme. 

Joseph Inbaraj

M.A. International Management – Human Resources  

"When choosing my University, there were a number of factors that drew me to IU: Firstly, the Master's programmes are offered entirely in English, and I liked the commitment to small group teaching, the practice-based ethos and the international nature of the campus environment." 

Find out here how Joseph's journey led him to his position as HR & Talent Acquisition Leader and why he is still involved in IU Alumni Council today to further support the University and its students.  

Julia Fuchs

Bachelor of Arts Aviation Management 

"Many helpful skills for my job were taught to me during my studies at IU, such as learning new topics quickly, working with a wide variety of characters and still coming to a thoughtful conclusion." 

Find out here how Julia got a job directly at one of the global leaders in the aviation industry thanks to her internship semester and how she was able to take off with her career.  

What the others can do, you've been able to do for a long time.

Our alumni’s IU reviews have really whetted your appetite for your own career and in the future you'll see yourself telling your success story here too? Then get on it. 


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