Business Psychology - accompanies the fundamental change brought about by digitalisation and the increasing significance of artificial intelligence. 

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Master Business Psychology - the "bridge builder" in change processes.

Nothing is as constant as change: this applies to society as well as to companies. To be able to accompany and successfully shape the change processes associated with digitisation, experts are needed - that is, business psychologists who act as "bridge builders", advising and steering companies, stakeholders, customers and employees. This requires specific competences, which are taught in the Master's programme in Business Psychology. After graduation you can take on leading positions, e.g. in human resources, market research or customer relationship management. 

The IU Master's programme in Business Psychology essentially provides you with profound methodological, business management and business psychology knowledge. Besides human resources development and recruitment, you will also learn to correctly assess consumer behaviour and to professionally accompany digital transformations in companies. In addition, you have the opportunity to specialise in selected areas, e.g. in business-oriented organisational development or in the field of consumer behaviour and customer loyalty. 

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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Why you should study at IU

By studying at IU International University, you can expect up to 20% more salary in your future career.
The job market is constantly changing - studying with us gives you the perfect preparation for the business world.
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Your studies in Business Psychology are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills. 

Recruiting or Talent Manager

As a recruiting manager or talent manager, you work at the intersection between classic HR work and public relations. You coordinate the application process and are the contact person for prospective candidates. You also make applicants interested in your company by actively presenting its advantages with hard facts and emotional components.

Human Resources Developer

As a HR developer, it is your job to strategically train the workforce of a company. This includes ensuring the professional development of employees and training them in overarching skills such as analytical thinking, project management, and cost awareness. As personnel developer you will also ensure the employees’ expansion of social skills, including self-management, empathy, and leadership skills.   

Customer Relationship Manager

As a customer relationship manager, your goal is to create customer loyalty to your company and acquire new customers. For this, you use different measures: You analyse the buying behaviour of existing and potential customers as well as the current market situation and customer development. Based on thin knowledge, you develop campaigns for customer loyalty. You plan, check, and carry out the entire process. You are also responsible for evaluating the success of your efforts

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