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Bachelor Psychologie (B.Sc.)

Your Psychology degree will make you think further and deeper in order to understand human behaviour and provide individual counselling. 

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Your knowledge of human nature, based on science. Study Psychology.

Use interpersonal communication and human behaviour patterns to be successful in your job with people, use your Bachelor of Psychology. If you want to know more about how and why everyone behaves differently, then studying Psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) will give you deep insights. With the specialist knowledge you will have acquired, you will be able to perform advisory functions in various areas of the economy after completing the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Always with the aim of optimally considering the "human factor" - whether in occupational and organisational Psychology, in test psychological diagnostics or in market research.    

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Your career opportunities. More than just appearances.

As far as the “human factor” is concerned, you will become a sought-after consultant, coach, expert. For example: 

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As a psychological consultant in human resources, you are responsible for performance diagnostics, personnel selection and development in companies, with business partners or as a self-employed professional. In order to find, promote and develop the right employees in the best possible way, you apply your know-how in personality psychology, conduct employee surveys and analyse the employee experience. After all, the ideal person-organisation fit is crucial for the success of a company and the long-term satisfaction of its employees.

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Choose how you want to study Psychology at the IU

You can study your degree in Psychology in various forms. This depends entirely on how your individual everyday life looks like and what prerequisites you have when you begin your studies. The table provides you with a good overview about the benefits of the different forms of study and which model will support you best on your personal path. 

Distance Learning

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Study the way you want after graduating from high school. Campus or online – you decide. 

Study on campus during the day or in the virtual lecture hall, exchange ideas with professors and fellow students and deepen your knowledge on our digital platform. This way you will benefit from the perfect mix of classic student life and flexible online studies!

Why you should study Psychology

A university degree can open various doors for you and creates more opportunities for growth and freedom in your future. You can have more career opportunities than you would have without, and you will move up the career ladder much faster because you will be taught certain key skills that will be incredibly helpful in your specific field. Furthermore, some companies prefer academics for higher positions.  Under the aspect of lifelong learning, you mainly invest in yourself and in your professional competences in the future. Plus: studying can be fun - in particular when education (like at the IU) is provided the way you want it to be. 

This is what your Psychology studies at the IU look like

The content of our Psychology Bachelor of Science is based on the recommendations of the German Psychological Society (DGP). The focus is primarily on teaching methodological skills and empirical scientific research. During your psychology studies you can further deepen your knowledge and choose to specialise in the areas of Occupational, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology. To achieve a successful degree in psychology, you will complete a work-related internship at the end of the study programme to gain important experience and prepare you optimally for the world of work and life later on.   

Outlook for the Future: What You Will Do After Graduation

As far as the human factor is concerned, with your degree in Psychology you will become a sought-after counsellor, coach or expert. You can work in the clinical field, in companies or in research. Because companies nowadays have to think in new ways continuously, you actively support their efforts in the field of Occupational and Organisational Psychology. In order to find, promote and train the right employees in the best possible way, you apply your know-how in Personality Psychology, carry out employee surveys and analyse the employee experience. In the clinical field, you can assist as a psychological assistant in the treatment and care of patients, for example in health and rehabilitation centres, and in the design and optimisation of individual health training and therapy plans. 

The most important questions about studying Psychology

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