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With your degree in Interior Design*, you will shape the style of interior concepts of the future.

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* This programme currently does not make you eligible for admission by a German architectural chamber. 


Want to study interior architecture but don’t necessarily need the protected German job title of “Innenarchitekt:in” (interior architect)? Then the online bachelor's programme in Interior Architecture* at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is just right for you. In this digital format, you learn how to design our homes of tomorrow. 

This programme is currently not recognised by the German architectural chambers: You acquire professional competencies that enable you to perform most tasks, but are not allowed to wear the protected professional title of “Innenarchitekt:in”. In order to receive this title in Germany, you need to be registered with a German architectural chamber. As a rule, you can apply for admission after studying interior architecture for four or five years and gaining at least two years of professional experience. Architectural chambers in certain German federal states require additional qualifications. Each federal state in Germany has its own architectural chamber and this chamber decides whether or not to accept your application. Many German chambers are currently not accepting applicants that have an online bachelor’s degree in interior architecture. As a rule, classroom training is considered essential. Following up your online bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree recognised by the German chambers currently does not guarantee admission into any German architectural chamber.  

Nevertheless, IU’s study programme in Interior Architecture* has a lot ot offer. It is currently the only German online bachelor’s programme in Interior Architecture* – state-approved, accredited and practice-oriented. Our lecturers are internationally recognised experts in the architectural industry who will support you in your professional development. 

Although the German architectural chambers currently do not recognise the programme and are sceptical whether online study programmes can impart the necessary competencies: The state’s approval shows that our study format is perfectly suitable for acquiring the necessary knowledge. The basis of our success is an innovative way of teaching: Students use actual models, create anything from hand-drawn sketches to digital designs and interact with fellow students and lecturers online. 

Completing 6 years of training and work experience to qualify as “Innenarchitekt:in” is not the only way to enter the industry. A degree in Interior Architecture* from IU opens many doors for you: Be it in an architectural office or the public sector, you can choose your own path designing concepts, developing constructive details or working on construction projects – without being part of a German chamber. If this matches your personal goals, our online study programme is right for you. 

Transforming simple spaces into modern living and working environments - is that what you want too? Then start your Interior Design* studies at the IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) and combine your creative talent with technical know-how. Learn theoretically and practically what is important in the planning, implementation and design of room concepts in terms of functionality, choice of materials and comfort. Last but not least, you can learn how to transform the most diverse spaces into atmospheric one-offs. 

* This programme currently does not make you eligible for admission by a German architectural chamber. 

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With your degree in Interior Design*, you will have enough room for free development. Whether it's in business, industry, fair trade construction, marketing or in large planning offices. For example, as: 

* This programme currently does not make you eligible for admission by a German architectural chamber. 

Frau bei der Architektur Planung

Im Bereich Shopdesign/ Szenografie/ Messebau/ Marketing

Als Bachelor Innenarchitektur* kannst Du auch marketingorientierte Tätigkeiten an der Schnittstelle zwischen Grafik, Innenarchitektur und z.B. Mode übernehmen. Deine Herausforderung ist dabei, verkaufsaktive und bedarfsgerechte Markenräume für Unternehmen zu schaffen. Diese Showrooms sind Erlebniswelten, in denen Du Deine Marke und die damit verbundenen Markenbotschaften im Raum erlebbar machst.

*derzeit nicht kammerfähig

Architektin im Studio

In der Industrie oder im Handel

Frau bei der Architektur Planung

Interior designer in a planning office

Choose how you want to study Interior Design* at IU

You can complete your Interior Design* studies at IU by distance learning. Here you can find out how your studies at IU work and what your advantages are in the distance learning study model. 

* This programme currently does not make you eligible for admission by a German architectural chamber. 

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study Interior Design*  

Do you know the feeling when you enter a beautiful room and suddenly you feel better than before? Then you have already felt first hand the charm of good interior design. If you also want to create such mood-lifters, you should study Interior Design. You can then use your talents for companies, public institutions, private households or furniture stores. 

During your studies you will also develop your creative skills. This is fun, promotes your personal and professional growth and expands your skills for the future. Does that sound good? Then study Interior Design*, because that's exactly what lifelong learning at IU looks like. 

Your IU Studies in Interior Design* IU 

The Interior Design* curriculum clearly focuses on the design and drafting of creative spatial concepts. And thus also on your creativity. You will gain a lot of basic knowledge in the areas of architecture, design, layout and contract management. At the same time, you will train your spatial perception with many practical exercises and acquire presentation skills using photo, video and online tools. This includes, among other things, the editing and presentation of models in 2D or 3D with the help of analogue tools and digital solutions. After completing your studies, you can develop your very own, individual style on the basis of architectural sociological approaches and various design and planning methods. And thus you can play a decisive role in shaping spatial concepts of the future.  

In the final semesters of your studies, you will take modules in your compulsory elective area, such as "Exhibiting and Staging", "Smart Building" and "Building Information Modelling". Your IU Studies in Interior Design are not only characterised by the content. In particular, the self-determined and flexible learning opportunities at the International University of Applied Sciences offer you many advantages. 

A look into the future: what you will do after graduation  

With your Interior Design* studies, you have enough room for free development. You can choose the direction in which you would like to develop. For example, you can start out in a planning office, in industry or trade, or in shop design/scenography/trade fair construction/marketing. Or you can complete your Master's degree after completing your Bachelor's degree in Interior Design*.

* This programme currently does not make you eligible for admission by a German architectural chamber. 

The most important questions about studying Interior Design*

* This programme currently does not make you eligible for admission by a German architectural chamber. 

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