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Online marketing gains its relevance from the fact that the future of marketing is digital. It is the only way to position and make products and services visible across all media. 

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You are a "digital native". The internet and social media are your second home. The best prerequisites for an Online Marketing degree at the IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU). The only thing missing is the necessary expertise to develop, analyse and implement cross-media marketing and content strategies. As a future Online Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the successful positioning of companies and products on the Internet. Are you ready? 

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Your studies in Online Marketing are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills. 

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SEO Manager

The best web presence contributes little to the success of a company potential if customers do not see it. That is what SEO managers are for. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. As an expert in this area, you ensure that websites can be easily found through internet searches. To achieve good results, you analyse, for example, which keywords are particularly relevant for your product or brand and develop strategies for the link structure on your website. Your goal is to attract as many users as possible to your website. If you want to gain a foothold in SEO, you should have an analytical mindset and enjoy working with numbers. Above all, you should be curious and want to constantly develop yourself because SEO is an ever-changing field. Your work the day after tomorrow may look very different from your work today. 

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Social Media Manager

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SEA Manager

Choose how you want to study Online Marketing at IU

You can complete your Bachelor's degree in Online Marketing in various forms of study. It all depends on what your individual everyday life looks like and what prerequisites you start your studies with. The table gives you a good overview of the advantages of the different forms of study and which model will best support you personally on your way.

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.


Dual Studies

Studies or work experience? Why not both?
You will study in person or virtually and learn how to put your knowledge into practice during your practical phases in a company. The perfect mix of theory and practical experience, tailored exactly to you and your needs.

Why you should study Online Marketing 

A degree programme gives you more opportunities to shape your future according to your own ideas. Choose a degree programme that suits your interests and your Bachelor's degree will qualify you to take on positions that are exciting for you. Statistically speaking, you can also expect a better salary after completing your studies. After all, you are an expert in the fields of Marketing Data Analysis, E-Commerce or Social Media Marketing after your Online Marketing studies. 

Moreover, a degree programme is a rewarding experience in itself. You invest in yourself and your skills. It's fun - especially at IU, because education happens here the way you like it. Here's to lifelong learning! 

Your IU studies in Online Marketing 

In your Online Marketing studies, you learn one thing above all: Content is King. Within a very short time, you will acquire basic cross-media skills - taking into account classic and digital Marketing. You learn what is important in the conception and technical construction of websites, webshops or online marketplaces. The creation of SEO-optimised content, SEA advertising campaigns and content strategies are also on the programme. 

Knowledge of Marketing Analytics is another focus. In addition, we teach you know-how in the areas of Website Conception, Interface Design and Usability. Practical projects also give you a first insight into the world of Online Marketing and expand your personal Portfolio. For a successful start in Digital Marketing. 

A look into the future: what you'll do after graduation 

The big wide online world never stands still. And neither do your career prospects. As an online marketing manager, you'll be on the safe, digital side professionally. This is partly due to digitalisation, because a large part of marketing activities now takes place online. Some companies even rely exclusively on Online Marketing. 

After your studies, you can work as SEO, SEA or Social Media Manager, among others. As a manager, you take responsibility for your campaigns, strategies and concepts. If these have an effect, you have good chances of promotion - whether directly in the company or in an agency

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