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Studying in Bielefeld? Why not? Start your future at the IU campus in Bielefeld and benefit from Germany's first Open Innovation City. With various forms of study and diverse degree programmes, the IU International University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld is just the right place to kickstart your career. Find out more here!

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You learn theory in a practice-oriented way – from lecturers of the business world. The IU is state-recognised and accredited.

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You have questions about the seminar or the practical phase? Our lecturers are there for you as contact persons.

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Get started at the IU campus in Bielefeld, the largest city in the East Westphalia-Lippe region. There are lots of exciting companies here – for example from the food industry, the retail and service sector, as well as health and social services. And, of course, there's a distinct leisure and nightlife scene, so studying in Bielefeld will definitely pay off. The IU campus is located almost directly by Bielefeld's main railway station, in the centre of the city. Equipped with modern study rooms and free Wi-Fi throughout the building, you will be able to develop freely, make contacts and acquire new skills during your studies in Bielefeld. This is what we call "studying your own way".


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Why Bielefeld?

Do you want to combine a big city and rural charm? In Bielefeld, you can have it both ways. Affordable prices and short distances within the city make the IU campus in Bielefeld the ideal place to study. In addition, Bielefeld has been a thriving, young city for years and has recently become known as the Open Innovation City. Why? Because politics and administration, business and start-ups, education and research, art and culture all work together here to promote new ideas. Where else could you study better than in Bielefeld?! The combined study programmes, dual study programmes and myStudium offer you a variety of options at the Bielefeld campus to start your academic career. Depending on what your individual everyday life looks like, everybody can find the ideal study model that better suits them. Popular degree programmes at Bielefeld’s IU campus include Psychology, Computer Science and Health Management.

Bielefeld ist der dynamische Mittelpunkt in der Region Ostwestfalen-Lippe: Der Reiz liegt hier in der besonderen Mischung aus wirtschaftlicher Stärke, wissenschaftlicher Innovation, kultureller Dynamik und sozialem Engagement. Wir möchten mit unserem Angebot im Dualen Studium eben diese Dynamik aufgreifen und die regionalen Unternehmen und Praxispartner aus dem Mittelstand aktiv darin unterstützen, wertvolle Fach-und Führungskräfte von morgen zu finden und marktgerecht aus- und weiterzubilden.

Nadine Klösel

Standortleiterin Bielefeld

That's what our students say

What I particularly like about the dual study programme at IU is the pleasant size of the classes and the modern atmosphere on campus.
D. Pech über sein Duales Studium in Soziale Arbeit

Daniel Pech

B.A. Soziale Arbeit

The weekly change at IU appealed to me in contrast to the three-monthly rhythm because then there is no rut and you can also build up a life in a city.
L. Dahm über ihr Duales Studium

Linda Dahm

B.A. Tourismusmanagement

Durch den stetigen Wochenwechsel an der IU nehme ich parallel zum Studium effizient am Berufsleben teil und kann somit durch Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen meine eigene Leistung für das zukünftige Berufsleben steigern.

Olga Schelenberg

B.A. Marketingmanagement

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