Do you want to make targeted investments in the skills of your employees in order to train skilled workers and secure attractive competitive advantages for your company? Then IU financing pays off several times over. Knowledge creates growth! Especially with financial help!

Financing studies for a higher competence and expertise in the company

How successful a company is always depends on the skills and commitment of its own workforce. Together with you, we facilitate the promotion and financing of an IU study programme to provide with employees with more skills and expertise. In this way, employer funding is quickly turned into an investment in the future, with which you’ll be able to secure decisive competitive advantages in the “war for talent” and create a “win-win situation” for everyone. 

Finance your studies now

IU financing & funding: multiple benefits for all parties

Vocational training and further education are trump cards, reason enough for your company to make targeted use of the associated advantages and to offer your employees the unique opportunity to help shape the future of your company together! 

  • 1. Internal training and further education of specialists

    With the help of their studies at IU, your employees will be able to develop new skills and acquire specialist knowledge. Know-how that your company urgently needs for the further development of products and for securing a competitive advantage.

  • 2. Increasing attractiveness as an employer

    By financially supporting an IU study programme, your company will be perceived as an attractive employer. After all, in addition to good pay and optimal career opportunities, lifelong learning is playing an increasingly important role.[1]  

  • 3. Higher motivation and productivity

    Financial assistance for further education measures such as an IU degree is not only well received. Employer financing can also make a decisive contribution to increasing the loyalty, motivation and productivity of your employees.  

  • 4. Optimally tailored time models and further education programmes

    We make sure that IU studies are always in line with the professional and private goals of your employees. To this end, IU offers flexible and customisable study and time models.   

  • 5. Cost savings and tax benefits

    The targeted promotion of employees also contributes to the elimination of fluctuation-related costs, the reduction of expenses for the recruitment of skilled workers and the securing of attractive tax advantages.  

  • 6. Further development of the company’s own range of services

    The education and training of one's own staff not only contributes to the expansion of the knowledge pool and optimal preparation for specialist or managerial positions. IU financing for employers is particularly important for the development of new trends and technologies. 

Wenn Du eine Idee hast, ihn auf dem board

Financing studies & covering costs – 3 simple steps:

1) Employees of your company can use our online form to apply for their desired continuing education programme or for an IU degree.   

2) Your company can then submit an application for cost coverage together with your employees and send it to our e-mail address  

3) Depending on which IU financing has been agreed upon, your company will then be sent an invoice at the desired interval to cover the further education or tuition fees due on a pro rata basis.  

Facts, figures and experiences with IU financing at a glance

We are convinced that employer funding and financial assistance to support education and training programmes are important tools to successfully achieve ambitious business goals. According to an expert survey[2] conducted by the online portal Statista, around 71% of companies in Germany alone use appropriate further training and development measures to counter the shortage of skilled workers and to retain their own employees. No wonder, since around 74% of job advertisements[3] are aimed at skilled workers with high recruitment needs. We would like to show you why IU financing is also worth it for your company with two practical examples. 

Christos Papadopoulos (CEO – AWEOS GmbH)

“The world of digital marketing is fast-moving and constantly changing. We benefit from the IU students in our team because they keep their cool in stressful situations and see changes as opportunities”. 

Henrike Pflughoft (Hotel Director – FORA Hotel)

“So far, we have only had positive experiences with our students and are very happy to have them as part of our team. For us, working with IU students is the optimal solution for attracting junior staff”. 

3 study models for lots of expertise

IU International University of Applied Sciences not only offers employees numerous study programmes which focus on different subject areas. You can also choose between different study models in order to optimally harmonise both the requirements of your company and the professional and private goals of your employees. 

IU Distance learning - for maximum flexibility and career opportunities

Your employees' individual career aspirations are just as unique as themselves. Whatever their personal goals may be, with your support, your staff will be able to continue their education flexibly - online, 100% flexibly and tailored to their own needs. Numerous study programmes, digital learning tools and virtual live formats are available to your employees for this purpose. For self-determined learning without compromising.  

IU Dual studies – for your new specialist staff of tomorrow

Become a practice partner for your future experts. With IU's dual studies, young professionals can easily combine study and work. Students regularly alternate between theory on campus and practice in your company to optimally prepare for the start of their career.  

Do you have any question about IU financing?

Do you need more information on how IU studies financing works for your employees and which IU study models best fit your company's goals? If you have any questions about employer funding of education and training programmes and the entire range of studies offered by IU, our study advisory service team will be happy to personally help you! 

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You'll find all of the important information about your study programme and IU International University of Applied Sciences in your personal brochure.

We are moving

From 01st March the virtual campus of the part-time studies programme is part of the IU distance learning programme and then takes place in this new environment. Nothing else will change for you: You will also benefit from interactive courses via video chat, smart online teaching and the exchange with lecturers and students.

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[1]Study Attractive Employers 2018

[2] Source: Statista expert survey "Branchenmonitor Chemiehandel 2019".

[3] Source: Statista survey "Rekrutierungsbedarf nach Stellenart in Deutschland bis 2015".

[4] Source: Statista expert survey "Branchenmonitor Chemiehandel 2019".



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