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Do you want to escape the daily hustle and bustle of studying in Germany, discover new cultures, learn a language or pursue an international career?

No matter what your individual motives are for spending time abroad, myStudies at IU International University of Applied Sciences offers you a wide range of opportunities to gain international experience during your studies. Whether it's a semester abroad or an internship in another country, here we would like to present you with different ways to turn your wishes into reality.

Reasons to gain international experience

Better job prospects
Almost three-quarters of European employers prefer candidates with international experience
International Career
Graduates who have spent time overseas are more likely to work for international companies and earn higher salaries.
Intercultural competences
International experience is often associated with in-demand social skills such as tolerance, flexibility and self-confidence.

Overview of Your Opportunities

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Semester Abroad

Study from abroad via the virtual campus or transfer to a foreign university for a semester and make international contacts and friends.

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Internship Abroad

Gain international experience and work experience at the same time during an internship abroad and take the first step towards an international career.

Semester Abroad

myStudies offers you various possibilities to study abroad for a semester. You can individually decide how you would like to organise your studies abroad. To help you decide which model is most suitable for you before you start your studies, we have summarised below all the advantages of the different options for you.

Your options in brief

Partner University

  • Study one semester at one of our partner universities worldwide 
  • Benefit from a dedicated contact person in Germany who will support you through the whole process

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  • Study for a semester at a foreign university of your choice
  • Pause your studies and take a semester off to avoid paying double tuition fees
  • Have your academic achievements recognised after your university stay abroad and save 30€ for every ECTS credit.

Virtual Campus

  • Possibility to switch every quarter in German programmes
  • Live in a country of your choice and study online with our virtual campus
  • No extended duration of studies thanks to the possibility to continue studying in the regular study model
  • No additional costs and the possibility of working part-time alongside your studies abroad

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Internship Abroad

In addition to a semester abroad, you also have the opportunity to gain international experience through an internship. In addition to improving your language skills and intercultural competencies, a clear advantage of an internship abroad is the possibility to get your very first international professional experience which will look great on your curriculum vitae!

You can complete such an internship in almost any country of your choice and for any desired period. Some internships start with a duration of two weeks, while others last several months. So you have the possibility to complete an internship during your lecture-free time and thus stay in the regular study schedule, or to apply for a semester off and take leave for several months.

You can find more detailed information about where to find suitable internship positions and what things to consider on various online portals. Additionally, there are also agencies that can help you find a suitable internship position and guide you during your internship.


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