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Bachelors's degree
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Speech therapy, make individual and meaningful communication possible. 

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With the Bachelor's degree programme in Speech Therapy, you will bring a lot to language - and even more to movement. Because language is an essential component of interpersonal communication. But what happens when a disorder occurs right here? The Bachelor's degree programme in Speech Therapy at the IU International University of Applied Sciences provides you with the necessary skills to reflect on your speech therapy activities in a science-based manner and to research them in an application-oriented way, building on your vocational training as a speech therapist. 

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Your studies in Speech Therapy  are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills.


After completing your studies, you have the opportunity to work as a "reflective practitioner". This primarily means the competence to further develop speech therapy in the light of scientific findings, health economics and political developments, as well as individual client needs. Your classic fields of employment are hospitals, clinics and speech therapy practices. However, you are also in demand in kindergartens and primary schools.


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Choose how you want to study Speech Therapy at IU 

At IU, we offer you a Bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy by distance learning. At our virtual campus, you can study anywhere in Germany and with 100% flexibility. You choose the time model that suits you best. Your distance learning programme lasts between 36 and 72 months. 

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study Speech Therapy 

The Speech Therapy programme is interdisciplinary and combines content from linguistics, education, psychology and medicine. If you are interested in these topics, Speech Therapy studies should be particularly exciting for you. You will gain comprehensive knowledge in Speech Therapy and also have the opportunity to enter research and teaching afterwards. 

At IU, you learn the way you want to. Get ready for lifelong learning according to your own ideas. After all, your studies should give you knowledge, valuable skills and a lot of fun.  

Your IU Studies in Speech Therapy 

Building on your subject-related training, you will become a "reflected practitioner" after completing your studies in Speech Therapy. You will learn the relevant health economic basics, disciplinary and interdisciplinary competences. You will also learn qualitative and quantitative research methods

Another part of your Speech Therapy studies is the deepening of your practical knowledge in central topics such as language and speech, speech development, voice and flow of speech as well as neuro- and pathophysiology. Not enough yet? Then expand your specialist knowledge further. For example, with a specialisation in the areas of management, didactics or prevention. 

A look into the future: what you will do after graduation 

Your Speech Therapy degree will make you a sought-after professional and hold interesting career and personal challenges in store for you. After graduation, you can work as a speech therapist in the clinical field, manage a speech therapy practice yourself or work as a consultant for prevention and health promotion in care and learning institutions. 

Do you want to work in research and further develop methods, new therapies and get to the core of pathologies? This is also possible after completing your Speech Therapy studies. 

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