Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor Management”: Manager steht im hellen Büro
Bachelors's degree
Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor Management”: Manager steht im hellen Büro
I’m getting ready.

Bachelor Management (B.A.)

Marketing, controlling, human resources, logistics, sales – develop your overall economic understanding on an international level. Your Bachelor’s degree in Management has it all.

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Your Management studies. Get yourself in pole position.

In which countries should I sell my products and how can I build up sales structures abroad? How do I design services with an affinity to target groups and how can I place them in the digital environment? How do I exploit the supply chain efficiently? Clearly, the business world is becoming increasingly networked and complex. It’s perfect if you can score points here with a generalist, academic education that secures you a good starting position in middle management. Your Management studies at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) offer exactly that. 

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A milestone for your career.

Responsible, economic thinking is the door opener for a management position in small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world. But you are also welcomed to work in start-ups and globally active corporations with your Bachelor of Management. For example, you may become:

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, you will take over the planning and control of processes and monitor their progress. You will optimise business processes and steer them towards success. You will always keep an eye on the set goals; which goals these are depends largely on the industry. Whether in social, cultural and public institutions, medium-sized companies or start-ups, Operations Managers are involved in creating value everywhere.

International Growth Manager

Intercultural Manager


Choose how you want to study Management at IU

We offer your Management studies at IU as a distance learning programme. At our virtual campus, you can study anywhere in Germany and with 100% flexibility. You choose the time model that suits you best. Your distance learning programme lasts between 36 and 72 months. 

Fernstudium an der IU Internationale Hochschule: Studentin in der Bibliothek

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms. Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

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Why you should study Management 

With your Management studies, you can optimise your promotion and career opportunities. Ideally, this means more exciting tasks, more responsibility and a higher salary. A Bachelor's degree gives you professional and financial freedom - what you do with it is up to you.  

Apart from that, you will train numerous skills during your management studies that will also help you in your private life. You'll probably also have a lot to do with Finance and IT on a personal level. True to the motto of lifelong learning, you invest in yourself with your Management studies. Do you want to bet that the return on investment will convince you? 

Your IU Studies in Management 

Your Management studies focus on a holistic, interdisciplinary qualification. So that you, as a future professional and manager, understand the economy in general. At the same time, you will be able to meet challenges such as internationality, diversity, sustainability and digitalisation. You will also learn about special trends in Marketing. You deal with Accounting, Finance and Investment. Above all, you work on your entrepreneurial thinking and actions. 

You will learn everything about digital business models, design thinking, Leadership 4.0 and New Work. Including the training of your soft skills and digital skills. Do you want even more? Then deepen your knowledge with special modules in Business Administration or IT. For example: "Business Intelligence", "Change Management", "Smart Factory" or "Data Science". By the way: all modules are taught in English. 

A look into the future: what you will do after graduation 

Responsible, economic thinking makes you fit for a management position in small and medium-sized companies all over the world. But with your Bachelor's degree in Management, you're also welcome in start-ups and global corporations. 

No matter which industry you want to get started in, none of them can do without managers. Your management degree is therefore almost like a universal entrance ticket to your dream future. Apart from that: with a Bachelor's degree you have better career and promotion prospects than without. 

Awards, accreditations and certifications

IU Internationale Hochschule ist seit 1999 eine staatlich anerkannte HochschuleIU Internationale Hochschule ist vom Wissenschaftsrat akkreditiertIU Internationale Hochschule ist zugelassen für FernunterrichtIU Internationale Hochschule erhält beim StudyCheck-Award 2023 die Auszeichnung „Top Hochschule in Deutschland“