Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor Umweltingenieurwesen”: Umweltingenieurin mit Tablet vor Windrädern
Bachelor's degree
Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor Umweltingenieurwesen”: Umweltingenieurin mit Tablet vor Windrädern

Bachelor Umweltingenieurwesen* (B.Eng.)

*Translated: Environmental engineering. Only available in German

Are you tech-savvy, solution-oriented and do you want to actively shape the ecosystems of tomorrow as an environmentally conscious person? Then your Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering offers you the foundations you need!

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Language : German

Actively shape the environment of tomorrow. Study Environmental Engineering.

Climate change is noticeably altering our environment. Floods of the century, storms and the loss of biodiversity are presenting us and the global ecosystems with ever greater challenges. But the way we live is also increasingly affected, making it necessary to adapt our agriculture, forestry and many other sectors to the new conditions. However, this can only be achieved if we do not work against nature, but make an active contribution to more environmental, climate and nature protection and further promote the expansion of renewable energies. This requires environmental engineers with special know-how in the "green" fields, who perfectly understand the function of ecosystems and can combine traditional know-how with innovative ideas to create sustainable and future-oriented solutions. 

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Your career opportunities? Sustainable for the future.

With your Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering, you will be able to pursue a variety of career paths. Nothing stands in the way of your future, because you’ll be able to effectively manage it yourself.


Your goal in the company will be effective environmental management. Part of your daily routine will be to work on technology assessment and optimisation along internal and external value chains. As an environmental officer, you will be able to work in companies or organisations and develop tailor-made environmental solutions.


Environmental Engineering in water management


Choose how you want to study Environmental Engineering at IU

You can study your Bachelor of Environmental Engineering in various forms. It all depends on what your individual everyday life looks like and what requirements you start your studies with. This table will give you a good overview of the advantages of the different study forms and which model will best support you personally on your way.

Fernstudium an der IU Internationale Hochschule: Studentin in der Bibliothek

Distance Learning

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The most important questions about studying Environmental Engineering


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Why you should study Environmental Engineering

Go new ways! With a degree, you’ll invest in yourself and your future. Following the idea of lifelong learning, you will develop yourself further and thus ensure new professional opportunities: exciting career opportunities, promotion prospects and new perspectives await you. With the key qualifications you’re your studies will provide you with, you will become a sought-after expert with profound competences. And of course, your studies will also be fun: at IU, you’ll be able to organise your study time so that it fits in perfectly with your everyday life! 100% flexible.

This is what your environmental engineering studies at IU look like

The Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering (B.Eng.) at IU International University of Applied Sciences offers you a sound education in the field of environmental, climate and nature protection. In addition to the scientific fundamentals, you will primarily learn the classical engineering sciences. You will also acquire methodological and application-oriented skills. The aim of our Bachelor’s degree programme is to build an in-depth understanding of ecosystems. In addition to three elective modules, you will also be able to choose from a wide variety of specialisations, for example in the areas of “Renewable Energies”, “Climate Change and Resilience” or “Urban Development, City and Transport Planning”. This will later enable you to develop independent, innovative and creative engineering solutions and thus actively shape the environment of tomorrow.

A look into the future: what you will be able to do after graduating

As a graduate of our Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (B.Eng.), you’ll have a sound understanding of ecosystems. You’ll also be able to understand the importance of environmental, climate and nature protection and know the most important instruments, tools and methods to be able to integrate important protection aspects into civil engineering. Thanks to your wide-ranging competences, a wide range of fields of activity will be open to you in state institutions (e.g. water management offices, environmental offices, etc.) or in the private sector as a prospective specialist and manager; whether as an environmental engineer in water management, climate protection manager, energy manager or environmental officer. 

Awards, accreditations and certifications

IU Internationale Hochschule ist seit 1999 eine staatlich anerkannte HochschuleIU Internationale Hochschule ist vom Wissenschaftsrat akkreditiertIU Internationale Hochschule ist zugelassen für FernunterrichtIU Internationale Hochschule erhält beim StudyCheck-Award 2023 die Auszeichnung „Top Hochschule in Deutschland“