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Strengthening communication between alumni, students and IU International University and connecting alumni of all study models and programmes - this is what our Alumni Council with its Alumni Representatives is committed to. Everyone who has graduated from IU International University is part of the alumni community and can be elected as an alumni representative. 


Hospitality Management, Managing Director Millennium Hospitality International GmbH

Personal relationships are what give life its value. This is why I look forward to serving as a representative in the Alumni Network in Frankfurt and helping to bring alumni together to share their unique personalities and remarkable experiences.  


Hospitality Management, Director Talent Programs and Brand Training, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Mariott International EMEA Continent Office 

Love what you do and do what you love: that has always been my motto. Discovering your passion is not always straightforward though, and as a student I needed a lot of trial and error to figure out where my path would lead me; it in the end, it was connections with industry professionals that formed the deciding factor. These networking opportunities keep learning relevant and applicable, and provides students with a better link to business and industry. For me now, it’s time to give back by supporting current students and helping to bring alumni together – because what makes a difference in people’s lives is connection.  

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M.A. International Management - Human Ressources, Team Lead-HR & Talent Acquisition, BeamNG GmbH 

As a member of the Alumni Council, my goal would be to give something back to the university by sharing all the passion, motivation, learning, challenges, failures, triumphs, friendship, and professional experience that I’ve encountered over the 7 years since I graduated. Having found it so rewarding and satisfying to address new graduates as keynote speaker at the Berlin graduation ceremony – as well as giving guest lectures at both campuses, and meeting fellow former students at the most recent Face-2-Face Alumni Get-Together in November 2019 – I can’t wait to continue my support of the university by being a part of the Alumni Council and helping strengthen the wider alumni network. 

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B.A. Tourismuswirtschaft, Research Analyst, Amrop Woodburn Mann  

Already during my Dual Studies Bachelor’s degree, I contributed my time as a course spokesperson; as a result, I am very well networked with alumni from various years, as well as with the IU team through regular meetings, events and everyday university life. I’ve continued to maintain these contacts post-graduation, parallel to my Master’s degree in General Management at IU. It is important to me to deepen my links with the university, help to the alumni network to grow and overall to advance the IU alumni community. I have proven this in the last two years in the Alumni Council and would like to continue to do my part. 


Hotel Management, Founder, Cremanksi & Company 

The Alumni Council is an exciting means by which to promote continued interaction and networking between alumni and the university. The stronger and more active the alumni network, the greater the benefit for all stakeholders and, above all, for all students and graduates. I would like to continue to do my part in constantly strengthening and improve this networking. 


Business Administrations - Logistic Management, Consultant, agiplan GmbH Germany 

Right from the start of my dual studies, I was active as a semester group spokesperson and later as a student member of the IU International University of Applied Sciences Senate. In view of the rapid growth of the university, I think the expansion of the alumni community is an important task. I would like to play my part in further developing the networking concept and the alumni community. Especially the personal level of contact that defines university life at IU International University of Applied Sciences enables a close interdisciplinary professional exchange and interesting contacts for new career perspectives or business cooperations. An aptly designed alumni community will offer both students and alumni an attractive network.  


MBA, Senior Manager Digital Learning, Otto Group 

I look forward to advancing the IU alumni community with my corporate learning experience. I am happy to help many more alumni discover the value of this large community and network in a more mutually beneficial way. Thanks to my active alumni role at Harvard Business School and the various alumni formats that I experience through my work, I have a wide variety of ideas on how to strengthen (digital) networking among alumni of IU International University. 

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Business Administration- Real Estate Management

Even as a student representative and member of the Senate, I was committed to a strong alumni network. That is why I would be more than happy to help shape and develop the alumni network as an alumni representative. With its various international study models, IU International University of Applied Sciences in particular offers the ideal basis for promising career advancement - combined with lifelong learning opportunities.  


Business Administration - Taxation and Auditing, Tax Specialist, ECOVIS Düsseldorf 

Promoting the concept of networking in general offers graduates, lecturers and members of the university both professional and social opportunities. In particular, the rapidly growing IU International University of Applied Sciences with its various study models holds great potential for a fruitful exchange between stakeholders. In order to actively help shape the alumni community, I would like to extend my previous commitment as a student representative for IU International University of Applied Sciences by serving as an alumni representative on the Alumni Council. 

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