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Health Psychology questions health-promoting or impairing behaviour to specifically counteract diseases. 

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Have a positive influence on body and mind. Because often unhealthy behaviour, stress or illnesses are not necessarily due to medical or biological aspects. Psychological and social factors in particular can play an important role. Studying Health Psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) means that, in addition to health aspects, you will also learn about the methods of social psychology. Optimal foundations for your later career in the clinical, professional or digital health sector.   

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Von wegen Seelenklempner: Mit dem Studium Gesundheitspsychologie hast Du gute Chancen auf Deinen Traumberuf. Zum Beispiel 

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Expert in M-Health Intervention

M-Health (mobile health) refers to the use of mobile devices to support the medical context in the area of e-health (electronic health). The mobility that e-health applications brings along provides the benefit of flexibility. As an expert for M-Health interventions, you ensure that care is always patient-driven. You are interested in optimising processes and saving costs. Since M-Health patients actively have access to their own care, the industry is an innovative pacesetter in health and prevention.   

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Health Adviser

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Consultant for Health and Prevention


Your studies in Health Psychology are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills. 

Distance Learning

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You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study Health Psychology 

A degree brings with it various advantages that can help you in the course of your career. You develop soft skills and abilities such as scientific work, which are important for your professional development and which you could not acquire in an apprenticeship. You can only reach certain positions and thus salary levels with an academic degree. Lifelong learning is also becoming increasingly important for our society and a Bachelor's or Master's degree simply ensures you better career and promotion opportunities and a successful future.  

Your IU Studies in Health Psychology 

The content of our Health Psychology programme is based on the recommendations of the Central Prevention Testing Centre. In addition to anatomical-medical and social-health basics, you will also be taught interdisciplinary knowledge. Psychological-diagnostic skills for the prevention and management of stress, addiction and immunological diseases are also a focus of the content. And if you want to go even deeper, you can specialise at the IU. For example, in the areas of health and coaching, m-health and health management.   

A look into the future: what you will do after graduation 

With a degree in Health Psychology, you have good chances of finding your dream job. One career option for you is in the field of m-health, mobile health (mobile devices support in a medical context). As an expert in m-health interventions, you will ensure patient-centred care at all times. Or as a health advisor you deal with people who want to maintain their health, avoid risk factors and prevent diseases. You provide detailed information and advice on healthy lifestyles and develop individual nutrition and treatment strategies. A position as a speaker for health and prevention is also conceivable - there are numerous opportunities available to you. 

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