Bachelor Journalismus (B.A.)

Journalism is the first purely online course of study that focuses on conveying practical know-how to produce cross-media content based on the principles of media ethics. 

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Language : German

Dies ist mein erstes Mal im Radio Dies ist mein erstes Mal im Radio


Is freedom of opinion sacred to you? Do you plead for maximal transparency? Is truth the only thing that counts to you? Then the Bachelor’s Programme in Journalism at IU will provide you with a profound journalistic training. This course is one-of-a-kind in Germany since it is the only purely online course of study available. You will learn how to make proper research, how to develop your style of writing, and how to deal with audio-visual media. Based on the high standards of the Deutsche Journalistenverband (DJV, German Federation of Journalists), we will prepare you for the journalistic practice and the various challenges of the media industry. After your studies, you can choose to start your working life either as a volunteer or as a freelancer. Later, you can choose between classic journalism or going to the digital media industry, e.g. as an editor, a reporter, or as a moderator.   

The IU Bachelor’s Programme in Journalism is constructed modularly and focuses on practical know-how. It teaches how to create and conceive cross-media content based on the principles of media ethics. We will also provide the necessary tools for dealing with audio-visual media and content management systems. You will acquire the basic skills in the field of media and communication sciences, typography, research, and conception. You will practice scientific work and deal with methods of market research, storytelling, and digital editorial management. Based on practical exercises, you will realise your first journalistic projects in the most common branches. You are given the opportunity to specialise in fields like data journalism, TV, web moderation, or social media marketing.  

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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Your studies in Journalism are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills. 


As a moderator, you guide journalistic programmes. You greet and say goodbye to your audience at the studio as well as to your audience at home. During the programme, you moderate so-called clips and contributions. You interview guests, communicate with the audience, and oversee studio activities. You interview correspondents who are remotely connected via video. 


As a reporter, you work on the move in their broadcast area or around the world for a broadcaster or entire broadcasting families. You get to the bottom of the events on site and interview those affected, both contemporary witnesses and eyewitnesses, as well as experts. You bring what you have experienced back to the editorial office, in the form of short or long reports and live broadcasts to moderators in the studio. Occasionally, after a foreign assignment, you may also be a studio guest or be interviewed.   


As correspondent, you are responsible for reporting about the events in a region for a domestic or foreign studio, for example as the German capital correspondent in Berlin. You are the expert for a specific region, immerse yourself in the culture, and build relationships with the country and its people. Your practical work is just like that of a reporter. 

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