Bachelor Mechatronik (B.Eng.)

Combine mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science to take a key position in modern companies with your Bachelor of Mechatronics. 

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With your Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics, you can start out in just about any industry. Increasing automation and digitalisation affect companies in a wide variety of sectors, and nowadays virtually no one can get by without digital systems or technical products. This is where your Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics comes in, because with the know-how you will have acquired in your mechatronics studies, you will be able to work in a software-based manner and at the same time apply interdisciplinary methods from electrical and mechanical engineering. In the course of your studies, you will deal with the fundamentals of engineering and acquire interdisciplinary skills. 

In particular, you can expect mathematical and natural science basics such as physics and mathematics and engineering topics such as statics, materials science and technical thermodynamics. You will also learn about the design and analysis of technical systems. You will gain important insights into computer science, use current software tools and learn to program with C/C++. 

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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With your Bachelor of Mechatronics, many doors will open to you, because after graduation you will be trained as an all-round talent who is urgently needed in many industries. Whether in the automotive industry, medical technology, aerospace or mechanical and plant engineering - the choice is yours, because the demand for mechatronics engineers is very high. The job profile calls for employees who think ahead and want to meet the demands of an automated and digitalised society, so it's made for you. For example, you may become: 

Service engineer (m/f/d)

Your daily business as a service engineer will include the inspection, maintenance and repair of machines and systems on site at your client's premises. You may also be responsible for writing operating manuals or training other specialists on the machines and systems themselves. 

Quality manager (m/f/d)

Your employers will be either industrial companies where you will be directly employed or independent quality assurance companies. In your role as a quality manager, you will ensure compliance with all important standards and specifications. You will check mechatronic systems for potential weaknesses and, in the event of a necessary rework, you will ensure that the process is carried out professionally. 

Mechatronics technician in construction (m/f/d)

As a mechatronics technician in construction, you will not only take care of the commissioning, testing, maintenance and repair of machines, but also the installation of control software. In your role as a mechatronics engineer, you will also develop mechanical, electrical and electronic components and then assemble them into mechatronic systems. 

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