Bachelor Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Maschinenbau (B.Eng.)

Business administration and Technology rolled up into one degree programme. As a Mechanical Engineer (E.Eng.), you will plan and manage large projects. 

Dual studies

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Frau Industrieingenieurin oder Technikerin in Harthelm und Uniform mit Laptop-Kontrolle auf Roboter-Armmaschine. Frau arbeiten hart in der Schwertechnologie Erfindung Industrie Herstellung Fabrik Frau Industrieingenieurin oder Technikerin in Harthelm und Uniform mit Laptop-Kontrolle auf Roboter-Armmaschine. Frau arbeiten hart in der Schwertechnologie Erfindung Industrie Herstellung Fabrik


You are one who dabbles in calculations while keeping a cool head? Technical innovations fascinate you – especially if they are efficient and economical? Your industrial engineering degree with a focus on mechanical engineering enables you to combine engineering skills with industrial action. You will plan production processes or get large technical projects off the ground. You are just as welcome in manufacturing and process planning as you are in technical sales, product management or consulting. With your interdisciplinary knowledge of technology, mathematics, science and business administration, you are exactly what the new industrial age is looking for.   

In your bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering, you will learn about the basics of mechanical engineering and the methods of engineering work. In addition, you will acquire business administration knowledge in the engineering field. For instance, business organisation or controlling production management. We will prepare you for the Industry 4.0. Topics related to digitalisation and digital networking will definitely play a considerable role in your studies. Further included are the targeted use of current software tools and the integration of internet-based methods and instruments. Your bachelor's programme in Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering is structured as a dual study programme. This means that you learn ‘on the job’ – for gaining practice and for your professional life. IU Unversity will be happy to support you in finding the right company, thus ensuring that you combine studying and working in a smart way. 

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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Technical and commercial thinking is required. With your Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering programme, you can secure the pole position in the industry. You can achieve this as: 

Product Manager

Many product management jobs are advertised specifically for industrial engineers. This is because successful technical product management requires not only business knowledge, but also technical knowledge. With your expertise in both areas, you are well prepared for this. As a product manager, you take over the entire management process of a product - from development to production and all the way to sales. You plan how many versions of your product will be manufactured, think about marketing, write operating instructions and, if necessary, contact customers directly. So it is not only your technical skills that are required, but also creativity, strategic thinking and fun in dealing with people.

Quality Manager

As a quality manager in industrial engineering, also called a quality engineer, you are responsible for ensuring the quality of the manufactured products. Throughout the entire value-added process, from purchasing to delivery, you check whether the requirements of the clientele, any legal requirements and the product quality are met. This includes analysing processes, identifying weak points, optimising the entire production process and paying attention to occupational safety. You combine your business and technical expertise to constantly improve all processes. At the same time, you make sure that the costs remain at the existing level or even decrease. And since you sometimes also carry out quality inspections at supplying companies or at different production sites, you may well have to travel frequently to do business.

Consulting Engineer

Industrial engineers are also in demand as management consultants. They can work either in an engineering office, in a consulting firm, as a self-employed professional or directly in a company as an in-house consultant. As a technical consultant, you deal with the projects of your clients or your company. For example, you prepare feasibility studies and calculate the profitability of projects. Your focus, however, is on providing direct advice on technical, economic and legal issues. You can work in production planning, human resources, financial management or sales, for example. In addition to your specialist knowledge, you should also always stay up to date on the respective industry.

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