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No IU campus in your area? Then just study online. At our virtual campus, you are flexible - and still always close by.

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Distance Learning, Dual Studies, Part-time Studies, MyStudies
Stay at home with friends and family? Or move to Sylt to study? No problem with the virtual campus!
With our virtual lectures, you are independent of an attendance location.
Our lecturers teach you the theory in a particularly practical way. Our degree programmes are accredited and state-recognised.

Courses in Virtual Campus

IU International University of Applied Sciences offers you the study programme that matches your life: Dual Studies, Part-time Studies or myStudies - here you will find all Bachelor's and Master's programmes available at this study location.
Agrarmanagement (B.Sc.) Angewandte Psychologie (B.Sc.) Applied Artificial Intelligence (B.Sc.) Architektur (B.A.) Architektur (M.A.) Artificial Intelligence (M.Sc.) Aviation Management (B.A.) Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht (LL.M.) Bauingenieurwesen (B.Eng.) Bauprojektmanagement (B.A.) Betriebswirtschaftslehre (B.A.) Betriebswirtschaftslehre (M.A.) Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Customer Experience Management (B.A.) Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Führung (B.A.) Business Administration (B.A.) Business Intelligence (M.Sc.) Business Intelligence (B.Sc.) BWL - Accounting & Controlling (B.A.) BWL - Handelsmanagement (B.A.) BWL - Logistikmanagement (B.A.) BWL - Sozialmanagement (B.A.) BWL - Steuerberatung (B.A.) Coaching (M.A.) Coaching (120 CP) (M.A.) Computer Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science (M.Sc.) Controlling (M.A.) Culinary Management (B.A.) Customer Centricity (B.A.) Cyber Security (B.Sc.) Cyber Security (M.Sc.) Data Management (M.Sc.) Data Science (B.Sc.) Data Science (M.Sc.) DevOps and Cloud Computing (M.Sc.) Digital Business (B.A.) Digitale Betriebswirtschaftslehre (B.A.) Digitale Transformation (M.A.) Digital Innovation and Intrapreneurship (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management - Gesundheitswesen (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management – Automotive Industry (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management – Finanzwesen (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management – Logistik (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management – Marketing & Vertrieb (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management – Production (M.A.) Digital Transformation Management – Public Management (M.A.) Diätetik (B.Sc.) E-Beratung in der Pädagogik (M.A.) E-Commerce (B.A.) Elektrotechnik (B.Eng.) Engineering (B.Eng.) Engineering Management (M.Eng.) Entrepreneurship (B.A.) Ergotherapie (B.Sc.) Ernährungs­wissen­schaf­ten (B.Sc.) Eventmanagement (B.A.) Facility Management (B.A.) Finance, Accounting und Taxation (M.Sc.) Finanzmanagement (B.A.) FinTech (B.Sc.) Fitnessökonomie (B.A.) Game Design (B.A.) General Management (M.A.) Gerontologie (B.A.) Gesundheits- und Pflegepädagogik (M.A.) Gesundheits­management (B.A.) Gesundheits­management (M.A.) Gesundheits­psychologie (B.Sc.) Gesundheitspädagogik (B.A.) Gesundheitsökonomie (B.A.) Growth Hacking (B.A.) Growth Hacking (M.A.) Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs (M.A.) Heilpädagogik (B.A.) Heilpädagogik / Inklusionspädagogik (M.A.) Hotelmanagement (B.A.) Immobilienmanagement (B.A.) Immobilienmanagement (M.A.) Immobilien­wirtschaft (B.A.) Informatik (B.Sc.) Informatik (M.Sc.) Information Technology Management (M.A.) Innenarchitektur (B.A.) Innovation and Entrepreneurship (M.A.) Internationales Marketing (B.A.) International Healthcare Management (M.A.) International Healthcare Management (B.A.) International Management (B.A.) International Management (M.A.) IT Management (M.A.) Journalismus (B.A.) Kindheitspädagogik (B.A.) Kommunikation & PR (B.A.) Kommunikationsdesign (B.A.) Kommunikations­psychologie (B.Sc.) Kultur- und Medienpädagogik (B.A.) Leitungshandeln in der Pädagogik (M.A.) Logistik­manage­ment (B.A.) Logopädie (B.Sc.) Management (M.A.) Management (B.A.) Marketing (B.A.) Marketingmanagement (M.A.) Marketingmanagement (B.A.) Maschinenbau (B.Eng.) Master of Business Administration (MBA) MBA - Artificial Intelligence (MBA) MBA - Big Data Management (MBA) MBA - Digital Business (MBA) MBA - Digitale Transformation (MBA) MBA - Digital Insurance (MBA) MBA - Diversitätsmanagement (MBA) MBA - E-Sports Management (MBA) MBA - Engineering Management (MBA) MBA - Finance & Accounting (MBA) MBA - Health Care Management (MBA) MBA - Human Resource Management (MBA) MBA - Immobilienmanagement (MBA) MBA - Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MBA) MBA - International Marketing (MBA) MBA - IT Management (MBA) MBA - Nachhaltiges Management (MBA) MBA - New Work & Talent Management (MBA) MBA - Salesforce (MBA) MBA - Supply Chain Management (MBA) Mechatronik (B.Eng.) Mediendesign (B.A.) Medieninformatik (B.Sc.) Medienmanagement (B.A.) Medizintechnik (B.Eng.) Modemanagement (B.A.) Nachhaltiges Management (M.A.) New Work (B.A.) Online Marketing (B.A.) Online Marketing (M.A.) Personalentwicklung (M.A.) Personalmanagement (B.A.) Personalmanagement (M.A.) Pflege (B.Sc.) Pflegemanagement (B.A.) Pflegepädagogik (B.A.) Physiotherapie (B.A.) Product Management (M.A.) Produktdesign (B.A.) Produktmanagement (B.A.) Projektmanagement (M.A.) Projektmanagement (B.A.) Psychologie (B.Sc.) Public Health (M.Sc.) Public Management (B.A.) Public Relations (B.A.) Pädagogik (B.A.) Pädagogik, Bildungsberatung und Leitung (M.A.) Pädagogik für Bildung, Beratung und Personalentwicklung (B.A.) Robotics (B.Eng.) Social Media (B.A.) Softwareentwicklung (B.Sc.) Soziale Arbeit (B.A.) Soziale Arbeit (M.A.) Sozialmanagement (B.A.) Sozialmanagement (M.A.) Sportmanagement (B.A.) Supply Chain Management (M.A.) Tourismus­management (B.A.) Umweltingenieurwesen (B.Eng.) UX Design (User Experience Design) (B.A.) Vertragsrecht (LL.M.) Wirtschaftsinformatik (B.Sc.) Wirtschaftsinformatik (M.Sc.) Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (M.Eng.) Wirtschafts­ingenieur­wesen Industrie 4.0 (B.Eng.) Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Management (B.Eng.) Wirtschafts­ingenieur­wesen Maschinenbau (B.Eng.) Wirtschafts­psychologie (B.Sc.) Wirtschaftspsychologie (M.Sc.) Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.B.) Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.M.)

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As Germany's largest* state-recognised and accredited private university, which has contributed to establishing distance learning in Germany, we know best about virtual forms of studying and innovative study models. For maximum freedom and the greatest possible flexibility, you can also study 100% online on request. In our virtual classroom, you can follow lectures via livestream, attend interactive seminars and take oral exams completely digitally. In group work, you can ask the lecturers questions directly and exchange information with other students via Microsoft Teams. Even the entire learning material and the assignments for the relevant online course are made available to you online. 

Distance learning


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Dual studies

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Your virtual campus is perfect for you if …

  • You do not have an IU location near you 
  • You want to study flexibly and nevertheless in a permanent class group 
  • You put value on personal support despite online studies 
Dualer Student im virtuellem Unterricht
We are the first university to offer completely virtual dual study programmes. With this innovative model, students can work at the appropriate practice partner regardless of location and are thus much more flexible in their choice of company and their own place of residence.
Julia Naumann
Location Manager of the virtual campus

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We are moving

From 01st March the virtual campus of the part-time studies programme is part of the IU distance learning programme and then takes place in this new environment. Nothing else will change for you: You will also benefit from interactive courses via video chat, smart online teaching and the exchange with lecturers and students.

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