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Ein Team von Ingenieuren führt ein Experiment mit Robotern durch. Nahaufnahme eines futuristischen Prothetikroboterarms, der von einem professionellen Entwicklungsingenieur getestet wird Ein Team von Ingenieuren führt ein Experiment mit Robotern durch. Nahaufnahme eines futuristischen Prothetikroboterarms, der von einem professionellen Entwicklungsingenieur getestet wird


We come across artificial intelligence every day, for example, in chatbots or voice assistants. In fact, the influence of AI already pervades all sectors and areas of life. This is due to the large volumes of data in the context of digitisation that can hardly be processed without AI. At the same time, they form the basis for optimising products and making processes more efficient. Because the highly intelligent algorithms that help machines learn, understand and act from experience - we are talking about big data, of course. One thing is clear: Artificial intelligence will disruptively change every industry and every application in the near future.

But there is no artificial intelligence without human intelligence! This is the basic principle of your MBA in Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, don‘t focus only on the business opportunities of AI, but also on its political and social implications, that make your studies and the modules of Artificial Intelligence correspondingly broad. First, you will acquire a basic knowledge of business administration, and then you will learn important management skills. These include the areas of strategic management, leadership and corporate finance. Finally, you will learn everything about the technical aspects of AI. First, you will get a detailed overview of the history of AI. You will also gain an understanding of how the human brain works, because after all, the machines are supposed to learn. With this knowledge, you will be able to understand the latest developments in the areas of hardware and software: the drivers of modern AI systems. You will learn about the many potential application areas of artificial intelligence, for example autonomous driving and mobility, medicine, finance, retail and manufacturing processes. Not only theoretically, of course, but also practically. For example, you will deal with specific applications of artificial intelligence, such as monitoring project progress. In addition, you will analyse selected topics and case studies of AI, which you eventually will link to the learnt concepts.

Information on accreditation and state approval can be found on the sub-page of the degree program.

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With your MBA - Artificial Intelligence, you will be at the forefront of technical innovation. Your career opportunities will be very diverse. You can become, for example:

AI Team Lead (m/f/d)

As AI Team Lead, you are the head of the AI department. You make important hiring and staffing decisions and put together teams of senior and junior AI specialists. You are responsible for all AI projects, for meeting deadlines and for quality assurance. You will also be in close contact with external and internal stakeholders and will work with them to initiate new developments.

AI Interaction Designer: (m/w/d)

There is no artificial intelligence without human intelligence - you know that from your MBA studies. Combining both is the great art when it comes to designing the work of the future. As an AI Interaction Designer: you are primarily responsible for designing the work environment in such a way that humans and machines can work together in a meaningful way. You know how to integrate useful AI services into existing products, while paying attention to best practice aspects. 

Machine Learning Expert (m/w/d)

As a Machine Learning Expert, you will take care of building and developing new technologies in the field of Data Science, especially applications for Machine Learning such as Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. You will be responsible for the conception, development, implementation and performance review of complex analysis and learning algorithms. You will work closely with the product manager, the IT team and the management team. 

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