Titelbild für Infoseite “MBA - Artificial Intelligence”: Zwei AI Designer arbeiten am Laptop neben Roboter
Master's degree
Titelbild für Infoseite “MBA - Artificial Intelligence”: Zwei AI Designer arbeiten am Laptop neben Roboter
My concept of intelligence.

Master Artificial Intelligence (MBA)

Start your journey today and shape the world of tomorrow with your MBA- Artificial Intelligence.

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Lead the path to the future with your studies in Artificial Intelligence.

We encounter Artificial Intelligence (AI) every day. It is now used in almost all industries and areas of life - whether in the form of chatbots, voice assistants or state-of-the-art AI technologies. Without AI, it would hardly be possible to collect and process the huge amounts of Data that are needed in the context of Digitalisation for the Optimisation of products or for the more efficient Design of processes. This is because highly intelligent algorithms depend on as much information as possible so that modern machines can learn, understand and act from experience. In any case, this much is certain: "AI" will disruptively change every industry and every application in the near future. 

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The future will be exciting, as will your career.

With your MBA - Artificial Intelligence, you will be at the forefront of technical innovation. Your career opportunities will be very diverse. You can become, for example:

AI Team Lead

As AI Team Lead, you are the head of the AI department. You make important hiring and staffing decisions and put together teams of senior and junior AI specialists. You are responsible for all AI projects, for meeting deadlines and for quality assurance. You will also be in close contact with external and internal stakeholders and will work with them to initiate new developments.

AI Interaction Designer

Machine Learning Expert


Choose how you want to study Artificial Intelligence (MBA) at IU

We have developed a suitable study model for every life situation and every learning type. This also applies to your MBA in Artificial Intelligence. This is the only way to ensure that you never lose sight of your personal and professional goals and that your Master's degree programme fits your individual needs perfectly. This is exactly why we at the IU International University of Applied Sciences attach so much importance to the fact that you can decide when, where and how you want to study - without any compromises. 

Fernstudium an der IU Internationale Hochschule: Studentin in der Bibliothek

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms. Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

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Why you should study Artificial Intelligence (MBA)

Whether a Master's programme or an MBA programme is the better choice for you depends entirely on your professional goals and your individual requirements. While a classic Master's programme allows you to further deepen the specialised knowledge you gained in the course of a Bachelor's programme, an MBA focuses even more on imparting specialised knowledge such as Leadership strategies and Management skills. However, both forms of study offer excellent career prospects and attractive salary benefits if you want to start a new career, change industries or recommend yourself for higher positions. In any case, your IU degree programme will help you progress, as it not only provides you with specific business knowledge for a selected field, but above all optimally combines theory and practice. 

Your IU studies in Artificial Intelligence (MBA)

In the Master's programme in Artificial Intelligence (MBA) at the IU International University of Applied Sciences, you will not only look at the Business opportunities of Artificial Intelligence. You also deal with the societal, political and social implications of AI. The content of your MBA programme is correspondingly broad. You will be taught sound Business knowledge as well as important Management skills. These include above all the areas of Strategic Management, Leadership and Corporate Finance. But the technical aspects of AI are also part of the curriculum to give you a theoretical and practical understanding of its history, mode of operation and areas of application. In this context, you will also look at the latest developments in hardware and software, which are considered drivers of modern AI systems. In addition, you will analyse selected topics and case studies in order to be able to apply them practically later and link them to known concepts.  

A look into the future: What you'll do after graduation

As a graduate with a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence (MBA), you will benefit from promising career prospects and open up exciting fields of work at home or abroad. Because as a  pioneer of technical innovations, you are well acquainted with innovative AI applications. Be it as an AI Team Lead to manage entire AI departments and make important hiring and personnel decisions. Or you can start your career as an AI Interaction Designer in order to design the working environment so that humans and machines can work together in a meaningful way. While as a Machine Learning Expert you will be responsible for building and developing new technologies in the field of Data Science - especially in applications such as Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. 

Awards, accreditations and certifications

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