Geschäftsmann mit Blick auf die Kamera mit einem Team im Hintergrund
Master's degree
Geschäftsmann mit Blick auf die Kamera mit einem Team im Hintergrund


With your MBA - Human Resource Management, you manage the most valuable resource of a company. 

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Good and motivated employees are essential for a company's success. This is precisely why smart HR-Management also relies on the knowledge and skills of its own staff in order to advance the entire company and achieve its own goals through their direct participation. This is why HR-Management concepts include tasks of traditional personnel management. With your Master's degree in Human Resource Management, you will be able to expand these in a targeted way to include aspects of strategic management, industrial relations and company organisation.


Good, motivated employees are the key to a company's success. For that, HR has to reach the highest levels of management. That's why your MBA - Human Resource Management puts you at the top management level in modern companies. Become e.g.:


You are the contact person for all matters concerning employees and personnel. Managers turn to you when they have inquiries about their employees. On another side, you are also there for employees at all times, for example, when it comes to labour law issues. You coach managers and show them how they can identify and improve potential and undesirable developments in the team. Finally yet importantly, you act as an interface between HR and other departments.

Recruiting Manager

People Development Manager

Choose how you want to study Human Resource Management (MBA) at IU

Do you want to be independent, determine your own life and remain flexible at all times? Then you should also be able to enjoy maximum freedom during your Master's programme. No matter how individually you organise your everyday life, your IU distance learning programme at the IU International University of Applied Sciences is fully geared to you and your personal ideas. Not only you have access to an innovative mix of online campus, digital learning formats and virtual live formats. You also have various time models at your disposal for self-determined learning when, where and how you want. 

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study Human Resource Management (MBA)

Your Bachelor's degree is just the beginning if you want to make a career as a manager later on. For many companies, a solid foundation of specialist knowledge is only enough for certain professions. A highly qualified and internationally recognised Master's degree is therefore worthwhile for you especially if you want to take on responsible tasks at a higher management level later on or even sit in the boss's chair. However, the additional effort required for a Master's degree is not only worthwhile in terms of your career prospects. You can also specialise, deepen your knowledge and gain valuable experience and contacts abroad. Your future employers will reward you for all of this with praise in the application process, managerial positions and a starting salary that is up to 20 percent higher.     

Your IU studies in Human Resource Management (MBA)

The English-language Master's programme in Human Resource Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences provides you with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the HR-field. In addition, it combines concentrated Business knowledge with Management skills before you turn to HR-Management in depth. You will deal with the areas of Recruiting, Employer Branding and Talent Management. At the same time, you also improve your Soft Skills, for example in the area of Intercultural Communication. You will deepen the basics in the field of Personal Development and learn how to optimally Plan, Design and Implement projects in the HR-Department. You will apply your newly acquired knowledge directly to your first own project and thus learn by doing what challenges and problems HR management has to deal with in practice. And how you can solve them with concepts and methods of modern HR and project management.   

A look into the future: what you'll do after graduation 

With your Master's degree in Human Resource Management, you will prepare yourself for jobs in Human Resources across all sectors. After all, companies and organisations of a certain size urgently need professionals like you for important HR issues. After your Master's degree, you will work at the highest management level, for example as an HR business partner, and will be one of the most important contacts for management in all matters concerning employees and personnel. As a Recruiting Manager, you develop effective strategies to proactively recruit and retain skilled employees for your company. As a People Development Manager, you will support your employees in their personal development, their individual strengths and their potential. 


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