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Studying in Dortmund takes you to the science epicentre of the Rhine-Ruhr region, with numerous universities and research institutions. The IU campus in Dortmund is the perfect place to start your future career. Find out more here!

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The IU campus in Dortmund is centrally located and in close proximity to the Westfalenstadion. With your studies in Dortmund, you will enjoy new, modern seminar rooms, free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped student kitchen and a spacious lounge. But studying in the Ruhr metropolis of Dortmund offers even more: excellent career opportunities and prospects if you are aiming for a career as a specialist and manager, for example in the field of social work. The International University of Applied Sciences (IU) in Dortmund offers you a variety of degree programmes and study forms in which you can live your life to the fullest.


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Why Dortmund?

Pure industrial culture awaits you in Dortmund. The former centre of the coal and steel industry is now one of the most commercial and cultural metropolises in North Rhine-Westphalia. Your studies at a university in Dortmund will pay off in that the city, as a rapidly growing technology hub, is pushing innovative concepts and will continue to look for young talent like you in the future. So studying in Dortmund means a win-win strategy for you.

Dortmund ist das große Dienstleistungszentrum und ‚die Stadt des Mittelstands‘ in der Rhein-Ruhr-Region – aber auch ein Wissenschaftsstandort mit zahlreichen Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen. Wer bei uns dual studiert, profitiert von beidem: von einem starken Wirtschaftsnetzwerk zu potenziellen Praxisunternehmen und von einem lebendigen Studentenflair während des Studiums und in der Freizeit.
R. Werner über den Studienort Dortmund

Robert C. Werner

Standortleiter Dortmund

That's what our students say

Through the three and a half years of experience in the company, one has the best prerequisites to be taken on directly after graduation
E. Hatz über ihr Duales Studium in Gesundheitsmanagement

Elena Hatz

B.A. Gesundheitsmanagement

What I particularly like about the dual study programme at IU is the pleasant size of the classes and the modern atmosphere on campus.
D. Pech über sein Duales Studium in Soziale Arbeit

Daniel Pech

B.A. Soziale Arbeit

The lecturers are also available to the students outside of lectures and give individual advice. That is not a matter of course.
J. Noehrnberg über ihr Duales Studium in Wirtschaftsinformatik

Jenny Nöhrnberg

B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik

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