Social Professions.

What young men think about them.

Kurzstudie der IU über soziale Berufe für junge Männer Kurzstudie der IU über soziale Berufe für junge Männer
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Die IU Studie deckt auf, was junge Männer über soziale Berufe denken und was bei der Berufswahl zählt. Jetzt mehr erfahren!

Four important takeaways:

  • Only 21.8 % of young men could imagine choosing a profession in social services.
  • The interest is basically there: 65.5% of the mal school students surveyed were interested in social or pedagogical topics.
  • Earnings and working conditions as a hurdle: More than half of the respondents (54.1%) assume that the earnings potential is too low; 45.0 per cent do not like the working conditions.
  • Childcare worker is the favourite of the social professions: 26.2% of the respondents who would consider a social career would consider to become a childcare worker.

About this study:

  • Publication date: 02 March 2023
  • 620 male school students surveyed in Germany
  • Period of the survey: 17 October – 24 October 2022

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