Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor BWL Accounting und Controlling”: Frau arbeitet am Laptop im Büro
Bachelor's degree
Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor BWL Accounting und Controlling”: Frau arbeitet am Laptop im Büro

Bachelor BWL - Accounting & Controlling* (B.A.)

*Translated: Business Administration - Accounting & Controlling. Only available in German

Business Administration - Accounting & Controlling is the ideal preparation for the exciting and diverse field of finance as well as all aspects of business and law. 

# Dual studies

Language : German

Trust is good. Your Accounting & Controlling studies are better.

Do you feel at home in the world of international finance? Are you not put off by complex series of figures? Then the Bachelor of Accounting & Controlling at IU International University of Applied Sciences is perfect for you. Here you will receive all the business basics combined with facts from accounting and controlling in theory and practice. Studying Accounting & Controlling means that you will learn a special form of business administration that combines economic aspects with elements from the world of finance, accounting and taxation.  

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Your career opportunities. Future-oriented.

Your studies in Business Administration - Accounting and Controlling are opening a whole new range of opportunities for you and your career. Be ready to make an impact and to work in an industry as diverse as your learned skills. 

Zwei Männer bei der Finanzbuchhaltung

Financial Accounting Manager

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you work in accounting for companies or banks. You create invoices, check incoming payments, and document financial data and assets. You advise the management on financial issues to help increase the company’s success. Unlike controlling, accounting is not about cost optimisation but about documenting real postings and values. A distinction is made in large companies between external or financial accounting and internal or payroll accounting.

Datenauswertung auf Tablet

Business Controller

Mann und Frau bei der Produktionsplanung

Production Controller


Choose how you want to study Business Administration – Accounting & Controlling at IU

You can study your Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting & Controlling in a dual study programme. Here you can find out how your studies at IU work and what the advantages of our dual study model are.  

Duales Studium an der IU Internationale Hochschule: Studentin am Campus

Dual Studies

Studies or work experience? Why not both?
You will study in person or virtually and learn how to put your knowledge into practice during your practical phases in a company. The perfect mix of theory and practical experience, tailored exactly to you and your needs.

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Why you should study Business Administration – Accounting & Controlling

A degree programme can be worthwhile for you if you are simply interested in a specific subject. But beyond that, a degree can be important for your career path. It will open up many career opportunities for you, the demand for highly qualified workers continues to grow, university graduates often earn more and sometimes only a degree can lead to a certain career goal. Apart from that, you will expand your own horizons and invest in your own education with the specialist knowledge and soft skills you’ll acquire; and that is of enormous importance in times of lifelong learning.  

This is what your Business Administration – Accounting & Controlling studies at IU look like

Your degree in Business Administration - Accounting & Controlling will prepare you for the exciting and diverse challenges of international finance. Of course, you will be taught general basics in the areas of business administration, economics and law. However, the real focus is in the areas of investment and financing, budgeting and business planning. In this way, you will learn to better recognise economic trends and correlations and to correctly interpret business and company figures. After completing your dual degree in Business Administration, you will also be able to develop new strategies for purchasing, production, marketing or human resources management. Maximum practical relevance and target-oriented with numerous practice partners from different industries that are available to you for this purpose. After all, every large company has a finance department. 

A look into the future: what you will be able to do after graduating

The more globalisation advances, the greater the challenges on the worldwide markets. Even the smallest wrong decisions can jeopardise the success of a company in the long term. To prevent this from happening in the first place, you will learn how to correctly interpret business figures and trends in your Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting & Controlling. Thanks to your distinctive expertise in the fields of economics and law, you will later be able to take on important advisory functions and develop forward-looking solutions to ensure the success of any company. Your expert knowledge of accounting and taxation will always be needed. 

Awards, accreditations and certifications

IU Internationale Hochschule ist seit 1999 eine staatlich anerkannte HochschuleIU Internationale Hochschule ist vom Wissenschaftsrat akkreditiertIU Internationale Hochschule ist zugelassen für FernunterrichtIU Internationale Hochschule erhält beim StudyCheck-Award 2023 die Auszeichnung „Top Hochschule in Deutschland“