Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor Kultur- und Medienpädagogik”: Studentin mit Kopfhörern arbeitet am Laptop
Bachelors's degree
Titelbild für Infoseite “Bachelor Kultur- und Medienpädagogik”: Studentin mit Kopfhörern arbeitet am Laptop
Me as a mediator.

Bachelor Kultur- und Medienpädagogik* (B.A.)

*Translated: Culture and Media Education. Only available in German

Actively shape the educational landscape. With your degree in Culture and Media Education, you are the medium. 

# Distance learning

Language : German

Your cultural and media education studies: between media and people.

Are you passionate about culture and media and want to share your enthusiasm with others? Then you are ready for your IU studies in Culture and Media Education at the IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU). Take a close look at the limits and potentials of today's media landscape, learn to better understand cultural trends. And find out how you can best pass on this knowledge to children, young people, adults, senior citizens or people with disabilities.  

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Your career opportunities. Medial and brilliant.

With your degree in Culture and Media Education, you will play a leading role and will be essential for the education of this and the generations to come. For example as 

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E-learning is one of the most promising future fields in education. Especially for cultural and media education, digital education offers many opportunities, some of which are still unused. As a media educator for the creation of e-learning materials, you are responsible for the conception and planning of the materials as well as the didactic structure. You are also responsible for the technical implementation of e-learning materials. 

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Choose how you want to study Cultural and Media Education at IU

You can complete your Bachelor's degree in Cultural and Media Education at IU by distance learning. Here you can find out how your studies at IU work and what your advantages are in the distance learning study model.  

Fernstudium an der IU Internationale Hochschule: Studentin in der Bibliothek

Distance Learning

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Why you should study Cultural and Media Education 

The reflective use of media is especially important now that misinformation is lurking around every corner. As a student of Cultural and Media Education, you have the skills to support children, young people and adults in using media in a targeted way. In order to find the information they are looking for, to learn successfully and to communicate. During your studies, you will acquire the knowledge you need for this aim.  

Your career options multiply with your degree. Academics are preferred for many jobs, especially for higher positions. Studying is also an experience in itself. For many graduates, their time at university is one of the best of their lives. One thing is certain: lifelong learning is fun. Especially at IU. 

Your IU Studies in Cultural and Media Education 

In your Bachelor's degree in Cultural and Media Education, you will study the theoretical foundations in the fields of education, cultural and media theory, media effects research and cultural education. In addition to theory, you will also learn about practice. Already during your studies, you will work on your own practical project in the area of cultural and media education. 

The basics of image and video editing are also part of your Bachelor's degree. This is the perfect way to prepare yourself for your responsible educational task. You can also specialise during your studies. For example, in the production of media offers, digital education or cultural management. 

A look into the future: what you will do after graduation 

The importance of cultural and media educators is growing in the face of the flood of fake news and false reports that are spread especially via social media. Experts who increase the media competences of broad target groups with the help of teaching materials and strategic concepts are therefore in high demand.  

After graduating in Cultural and Media Education, your career prospects are rosy. Whether as a media educator for different learning formats at schools, museums, in senior citizen work or as an employee in research institutions - your Bachelor's degree will open doors.   

Awards, accreditations and certifications

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