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Distance learning

Flexible, varied, practice-oriented: your distance learning programme

The distance learning programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) allows you to study flexibly online – from your first day right up to your exam. The innovative study app IU Learn and our online campus myCampus offer you a variety of digital tools that make studying on your own terms easier than ever. You can even sit your exams online 24/7. To top it off, you can deepen your knowledge through direct exchange with your teachers and fellow students in live online formats. You can access recordings for some of these live formats as well.  

Always within reach: your study app IU Learn

The future of studying is digital and ever-changing – just like IU Learn, your free app for your study programme.  

Your perfect study buddy, it splits up each lesson into small units that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. Benefit from innovative study tools such as digital scripts, study videos and interactive quizzes.

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  • Flexible & without boundaries

    Carry IU Learn with you wherever you go and complete short units whenever you can. Your thirst for knowledge goes beyond your main subject? The app lets you access more than 600 course materials from all study programmes. 

  • Interactive & progressive

    Interactive quizzes at the end of each unit test your knowledge in a fun way and prepare you for your exams step by step. The app remembers your progress and lets you pick up exactly where you left off. 

  • Connected & motivating

    IU Learn connects all contents with your study programme. You can see how much you’ve already accomplished – and reward yourself for your success. You will be highly motivated to start the next unit. 

Click to study: your online campus myCampus

Your online campus myCampus combines everything you need to organise your studies: Here, you register for your courses, book your exams, access your grades and keep track of your studies. On top of that, myCampus acts as an innovative study platform with comprehensive online libraries, versatile study tools and a variety of networking opportunities.  

Studying on your terms: your digital study tools

Your IU distance learning programme allows you to study whenever, wherever and however you want. How that works? Thanks to innovative tools you can access from any place in the world! You can study successfully besides having a job, a family and other projects. 

Digital study scripts

Your study script divides all contents and study goals into lessons according to didactical crieria. Each lesson is made up of several study cycles. This allows your to work through the content at your own pace. In addition to your study script in PDF-format, you can access an innovative e-book version that allows for digital notes and features interactive self-testing. 

Study videos

You just can’t grasp some topics “on paper”? We get it! That’s why we made helpful study videos for you in which your teacher explains key terms, concepts, formulas and case studies from your script in a nutshell – or sometimes in more detail. The idea is to visualise course contents and improve your learning outcome.  

Revision books

Selected courses offer revision books. These books contain a list of questions that help you prepare for your exam. A revision book includes transfer tasks at different levels of difficulty that are very practice-oriented. Your teachers will be happy to answer any question via our communication platform. 

Deepening knowledge together: your virtual live formats

In selected courses, we offer virtual live formats via video-call. You can exchange views directly with teachers and fellow students to deepen your knowledge. Our live formats are completely optional – you can access recordings of the sessions via your online campus. 

Interactive courses*

Our interactive courses allow you to deepen your script-based knowledge under the guidance of practically experienced teachers, ask questions directly and prepare for your exam together with your fellow students. The sessions take place in the evening and are compatible with most working hours. 

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* Interactive courses will be optionally available for all script courses with a written exam. Starting November 2021, the concept will be gradually rolled out to IU study programmes. 

Intensive learning units (learning sprints)

In selected courses, we offer you intensive learning units, also referred to as learning sprints. These sprints get you ready for your exam in only four weeks: You work through your course script together with your fellow students at high speed and solve tasks in small groups. In certain modules, you solidify what you’ve learnt with intensive live tutorials and so-called “tasks of the day”. 

Connection platforms & live consultation

Various networking platforms offer you the opportunity to connect with other students and collect input to improve your learning outcome. Selected courses also offer live consultations with your teachers. Here, you can ask any questions about the course contents, the exam or organising your studies. Your fellow students’ questions can be helpful, too. 


At IU, you benefit not only from an innovative study concept with maximum flexibility: on top of that, you get a free MS Office Package as well as free access to LinkedIn Learning – which contains more than 14.000 exciting courses and 1.800 inspiring video-tutorials. 

100% flexible online or on campus: your exams

Early bird or nightowl? You know best when and where you deliver the best results! That’s why we let you choose if you want to sit your exam 24/7 online or on location at one of our 45 exam centres. 

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From 01st March the virtual campus of the part-time studies programme is part of the IU distance learning programme and then takes place in this new environment. Nothing else will change for you: You will also benefit from interactive courses via video chat, smart online teaching and the exchange with lecturers and students.

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