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Innovative learning experience and online exams

How to study online

Flexible, diverse and practical  – from the beginning of your studies all the way to your exam: With the innovative study app IU Learn and our online campus with tools for every type of learner, self-determined studying is easier than ever! You can even take your exams online 24/7. On top of that, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in virtual live formats.

Always within reach: your study app IU Learn


Organized – everything at a glance 
myCampus is where you organise your studies: here, you book courses, register for exams and view your calendar . 

Convenient – ​​your entire programme in one place 
You can access your scripts, workbooks, learning videos, virtual live formats and the online library at any time. 

Connected – ​​ with us and your study buddies 
You can connect with your fellow students, lecturers, study and career coaches via live events and chats.

IU Learn

Flexiblestudy on the go & from anywhere 
Take IU Learn with you everywhere you go – at home or while travelling the world. You make constant progress with lessons that you can complete in short units. 

Interactive – make a game of studying 
With interactive quizzes, you prepare for your step by step exams. All content is linked to your study program. This way, you can keep track of how much you have already accomplished. 

Innovative – multimedia tools that suit your type 
Study using our multimedia tools: You can add notes in our scripts or watch a learning video. The app tracks your progress and successfully guides you through your studies.

Study self-determinedly and multimedia-based

Digital study scripts

Each lesson offers structured contents for you to study at your own pace. In our innovative e-book version, you can also take digital notes and interactive self-tests

Video tutorials

Walls of text are so over: We illustrate your course content with learning videos that explain central terms, theories, formulas and case studies from your script briefly and concisely

Revision classes

In selected courses, we offer repetition questionnaires with tasks to prepare you for your exams. If you need additional support, your lecturers are happy to help.  

Deepen your knowledge interactively

Interactive Live Sessions

In the Interactive Live Session, you work on the topics of your course intensively in a 90- to 120-minute video session. You can expand your knowledge from the script with practical input and prepare for the exam together with your lecturers and fellow students. The interactive live sessions usually take place between 5 and 10pm. Learn more. 

Learning Sprints*

Learning sprints split your courses in seven units that build on one another and prepare you for your exam in around 60 to 90 minutes. In the first six units, you work through your script and solve problems in a group. In the seventh unit, you summarise what you learnt using mock exam questions.

Networking & Live FAQ

Via our online campus and the chat tool MS Teams, you can connect virtually with other students. Certain courses also offer live consultation hours where you can ask your lecturers anything about organisational things and contents of the course.

*Currently, learning sprints are only available for selected courses.

Secure further benefits

At IU, you benefit not only from an innovative study concept with maximum flexibility: on top of that, you get a free MS Office Package as well as free access to LinkedIn Learning – which contains more than 14.000 exciting courses and 1.800 inspiring video-tutorials. 

100% flexible online or on campus: your exams

Early bird or nightowl? You know best when and where you deliver the best results! That’s why we let you choose if you want to sit your exam 24/7 online or on location at one of our 45 exam centres.

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