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Management. Design. Manufacturing. Your all-in-one degree in Engineering Management will turn you into an interdisciplinary master of an interconnected, technological world.  

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Engineering and Management cannot be separated from each other. Especially if you want to pursue a Management career in a modern Engineering and Technology company. This is exactly why the MBA in Engineering Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences makes you a sought-after professional with special Know-How from both worlds. You can supplement your existing pure Engineering knowledge with valuable Business Administration basics. So that you can later manage Construction, Product Development and Manufacturing Processes confidently and in a successful context.


With a MBA Engineering Management degree, you will be able to join engineering or consulting companies in any industry. At middle or top management level. Depending on how much professional experience you may already have, you will be able to realise your potential in the following career fields, for example: 

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Project Manager

As a project manager with a focus on technology, you are responsible for the development of new components. Among other things, you take care of the introduction of new production lines or innovative test tracks for user vehicles at a truck manufacturer. You take on tasks in the areas of planning, coordination, leadership and marketing. With the help of project management tools, you always keep an eye on performance, quality, deadlines and costs in cooperation with your team.

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Quality Manager

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Engineering Project Manager

Choose how you want to study Engineering Management (MBA) at IU

We have developed a suitable study model for every life situation and every learning type. This also applies to your MBA in Engineering Management. This is the only way to ensure that you never lose sight of your personal and professional goals and that your Master's degree programme fits your individual needs perfectly. This is exactly why we at the IU International University of Applied Sciences attach so much importance to the fact that you decide when, where and how you want to study - without any compromises. 

Distance Learning

For maximum freedom - study 100% flexible

You study completely on your own terms – whenever, wherever and however you want! Get the perfect blend of innovative study tools, interactive study formats via video chat (live or on demand) and personal support.

Why you should study Engineering Management (MBA) 

Whether a Master's programme or an MBA programme is the better choice for you depends entirely on your professional goals and your individual requirements. While a classic Master's programme allows you to further deepen the specialised knowledge you gained in the course of a Bachelor's programme, an MBA focuses even more on imparting specialised knowledge such as leadership strategies and management skills. However, both forms of study offer excellent career prospects and attractive salary benefits if you want to start a new career, change industries or recommend yourself for higher positions. In any case, your IU degree programme will help you progress, as it not only provides you with specific Business Administration knowledge for a selected subject area, but above all optimally combines theory and practice. 

Your IU studies in Engineering Management (MBA)

The MBA programme in Engineering Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences follows a Dutch approach. You will not only learn scientific basics, but also practical methods and valuable soft skills for your future role as a Manager. The engineering pillars are the two modules Internet of Things (IoT) and Manufacturing Processes Industry 4.0, complemented by topics such as Leadership, Strategic Management and International Marketing. You will be equipped with strong Management skills, a lot of Agility and Business Administration skills, so that you can lead complete teams through challenging engineering projects. Of course, with maximum Management competence and Project orientation. 

A look into the future: what you'll do after graduation 

Excellent career prospects await you wherever interdisciplinary Know-how in the field of Business and Technology is in demand. As a graduate in Engineering Management, you can go straight into Engineering or Consulting companies in all sectors - be it at middle or top management level. Depending on how much professional experience you already have, you can later work as a Project Manager with a focus on technology, for example, to develop new components. Or as a Quality Manager in the technical area, you will ensure that product, material and service quality and the associated processes are constantly improved. Alternatively, as an Engineering Project Manager you can also supervise demanding large-scale projects, evaluate customer enquiries and design solutions. 


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